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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Newest Member of Our Family




I love it.

It has flat arm rests so my book, magazine, or pin cushion doesn’t slide off.

Genius, really.

I think I might recover the pillows – which normally end up on the floor – and use them for the day bed in the sun room.

The old couch was a hand-me-down that was already pretty old, perhaps 30 years? that we got 10 years ago.

I’m going to recover and use the cushion from the old couch for the porch swing.  Turns out it’s the perfect size.

And this morning I thought the basement had flooded again. 

Apparently I’m just a dork.

I was defrosting pounds and pounds of tomatoes on my kitchen table last night

and neglected to put anything to catch the water

which dripped onto the floor

and into the basement.

I’m such a loser sometimes.



  1. Super cute couch!! The tomatoes thing so sounds like something I would do...

  2. Is this in the family room? I didn't realize you have to rooms. Love the couch, (and the rugs btw) I've been couch shopping every couple of weeks since summer, I'm so jealous you found something you love, I'm still on the search.


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