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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Final Pantry



The shelves weren’t the same size and there was a non-supportive middle divider somethingorother.

And a terrible cream color and a forest green floor.

And mismatched shelving.

And rat poison.

And cobwebs.

And water damage on the ceiling?

And un-helpful labels.

And ant killer.



I did the same stenciling on the back of it as on the front of the doors.

I put chalk board paint on the panels so that I can jot down when I’ve run out of something.


Excuse the hideous light fixture, or lack thereof.

And I love it.

And I love not having pantry food strewn all over the kitchen.

And because the kitchen got a complete over haul on organizing and getting rid of unnecessary items, I decided to use this bird hook that I picked up at Joann’s on clearance for the aprons instead of having them smashed into some drawer all havy-cavy.





And I got around to distressing and rehanging my sunshine sign.  It’s above the doorway in the kitchen that leads to the sunroom.

Hope you’re having a productive week.



  1. I LOVE it! And I really like how it's practical AND cute! We must be friends because I just bought a birdy hanger for my aprons too. :) Yours is cuter. Congratulations on a new pantry. It's amazing what good kitchen storage can do for your morale, right?

  2. It looks great! You should have included pictures of all your food strewn all over your house... It makes the afters really good. Do we get to see pictures of it all filled back up?

    You having so many aprons makes me feel like a lame cook. I have one. And no cute hanger to put it on.

  3. It looks amazing. Can't wait to see it in a few months.

  4. Words can't describe how jealous I am of this pantry. The only thing I miss from our townhouse was the large amount of pantry space. We've got no pantry at all here really. I've got one small cupboard I can use for food plus the top of the fridge, which looks horrid. Everything else has to go in the storage room at the bottom of the stairs. I also have no place to hang my aprons, which means I always forget to wear an apron, which means my clothes get dirtier than they should.

  5. Yeah! It all looks lovely, and useful, and the perfect fit for your home.

    p.s.--how many aprons do you have?!??!

  6. I think it looks awesome! I really like the chalkboard doors


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