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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Usual

Me: Hi, Heidi

Heidi: Katie?! Hi, how’s it going?

Me: Oh, pretty good. How are you?

Heidi: Good, good.  Where have you been? It’s been awhile since you’ve been in.

Me: I know, I know, just busy.

Heidi: How many kids do you have now?

Me: Just had number six.

Heidi: It has not been that long!?

Me: Just haven’t had time to come by.

Heidi: Well, what can I get for you?

Me: The usual.

Heidi: Got it. When you come in, make sure you bring all those babies so I can see them and give them some candy.

Me: OK, I’ll be there around lunch time.



Hot chocolate kiosk?

Drug deal?

No, no, no….no.

I am on a first name basis with the nice receptionist,

At the local glass store.

Where I have gotten no less than probably 30 pieces of glass cut over the last five years.

Mostly single pane glass panels for our century old house.

I wish it was for lunch.

Oh, I wish it was for lucnh.

And I have to get yet another window pane replaced.

Becuase Spencer accidentally knocked one out

while he was talking to Libby from outside,

and then cut his foot on a sliver I had missed when cleaning up,

during which time the phone was ringing and I was holding Libby who was crying

and while on the phone Bennett disconnected us.


my life is not what I expected,

most days,

{except, honestly right this second when Bennett is hitting Spencer and at the same time calling me a stinker…}

it’s better.















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  1. i would have never guessed...the glass cutter...huh, I don't think I've ever been to the glass cutter.


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