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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What I Wore: Day #1


I get up, shower, put on clean clothes, fix my hair, put on my obligatory mascara, and scout out matching earrings.

Every day.

And most days it’s the tree in the forest scenario.

If no one actually sees it, does it actually happen?

{Spit up does not fall into this category, even if you didn’t see it, you’re bound to step in it.

Or smell it.

Or sometimes sit in it.

Oh and also a dirty diaper

or one sibling hitting another

or a child sneaking candy

or kids cleaning their rooms

…the tree in the forest situation now appears to be very limited…}

So, in my quest to better my photo taking skills, I decided to take on a new subject.


In the mirror.

Every day this week.

Most definitely in the morning, when I’m all happy and shiny from a good night’s rest where not a single child cried, or woke up the entire house by a trip to the bathroom, or snored {I’m looking at you, Bennett, on that one…}

But before we start, here are some pictures of Libby.  She was helping me put away laundry and discovered the cutest girl on the block to be her friend.








  1. Cute blog...and mascara every day...really impressed on that one as I only wear it for church (unless it's fast Sunday).

  2. Cute outfit! I fully support this new documentation. Might give me clothing inspiration. Jordan cheers if I simply change out of pajamas during the day.....


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