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Thursday, January 14, 2016

What I Wore Day #4

It’s foggy,

and rainy,

Libby slept terribly,

Bennett woke up too early,

and Spencer hammered a screw into the arm of my nice rocking chair.

So, I’m channeling my inner Christian Bale, I mean Batman. {…I think we can all agree he’s played the role the best, or is the best looking, kinda the same thing…}

And Colonel Brandon died, and Professor Snape, and Prince John, I know it’s shallow, but I really liked Alan Rickman.


Batman shirt – thrifted

Mustard cardigan – Target

Jeans – thrifted

Shoes – Famous Footwear, in Colorado, five years ago….


Also, I always love a boot cut jean, but it’s so hard when you have short legs….and no bum.

So, I think they always look a bit slopppy on me, ah well.


Hope you’re having a good week

and thanks for all the fun feedback, it’s nice to hear from you all,



  1. I can't believe Snape died and I found out about it from your blog!! I should be more in touch with the outside world. I liked Alan Rickman as well. He's always the bad guy but he does it so well.

  2. So, whatever you think about your boot cut jeans here's something to consider: I wore my pajamas all day yesterday. And never put on a bra. Mike came home from work and it was like he never left. Lucky man! Please say you can take me thrifting for cute clothes next time I see you. : )

  3. You so rock that hair, Katie Jo!! Love it. You always had fabulous style.


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