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Friday, January 20, 2017

This Week Has Been My Week

I know a good week is not nearly as entertaining as a bad week.

But guys, this week has been amazing.

Way less bickering.

Libby has been sleeping in till like 8 and then taking a four hour nap in the afternoon.

{Which translates into me being able to eat my breakfast and lunch without sharing.}

I’ve been able to check a couple of items off my to-do list, mainly sewing.

I’m planning on putting a quilt on so I wanted to have the other things done and out of the way.

I menu planned!

And stuck with it!

And the kids ate it!


Totally my week.

And there have also been bits of sun along the way, certainly doesn’t hurt.

With the exception of a massive miscommunication this morning with Bryce about what our summer plans are…pret.ty good week.

Aaanndd….Bryce is starting a new job.

He’s going to work for a public tax accountant with the plan to purchase the practice next January.

He’ll own his own business.

So…basically, in March, in the dredges of tax season

that I have not experienced for six years

or with six kids,

my posts with be quite different…

they will be a plea for help and chocolate,

most likely from the bathroom,

because I have not left the house for days

or seen Bryce

or gotten dressed

and the only thing I will have eaten are the salt from my own tears….

But not today!


I had this “quilt top” that I had pieced from the scraps of another quilt I had made.

The measurements were obscure.

I also had a duvet insert that my sister had given me that is toddler size.

So…I made a duvet for the insert for Libby’s bed.



And a sunrise. 

We rarely see the sun in the mornings here in the winter.

We usually have clouds that often burn off in the afternoon, but it’s overcast in the mornings most days.


And the library.


Elizabeth was telling me about her book.


Catching bubbles in the bath.


Graham crackers and milk.

I realize this is a polarizing snack.

For or against?


And reading some more.


An afternoon….well, like an hour….at the park.




I made a shirt!

It’s a loose fit and long and will be great for summer.





Our girls are producing again.

Which is awesome.

Because I won’t be buying eggs at the grocery store

hoping that no one calls me out for the traitor I am.

I mean…who buys eggs from the store when you have 30 chickens?!

It’s embarrasing.


Working on reading.


See this chair?

I got it from my neighbor’s out building.

I cleaned it, sanded it, stained it.


And it looks almost exactly the same.

It’s fine, my self worth is not based up on the success of a DIY project.










This is a picture of the kids trying to get Bryce to jump on the trampoline with them.

They were in deep negotiations…


And after when he had said ‘yes’.


After nap grumps.


Hope you had a great week!

Feel free to leave a comment letting me know you still read, it helps.



  1. So much to celebrate! I hope the misunderstanding about summer is that he was planning to come to Boise and you thought it wasn't going to happen...Right? Happy Friday!

  2. a feast for the eyes! Great photos! Tell Bryce congrats on the job! You'll survive tax season, and to own your own business! pretty exciting! But I'm honestly not sure that's a congrats or a condolences. Jotham dreams of that, but I want to curl up and hide every time he talks about it. I'm risk adverse I guess. I hope it all works out for you. And what exactly is a polarizing snack? I'm a little bewildered?

  3. I miss spending time with you at the park! Glad your week was fabulous!

  4. I was really hoping for a picture of Bryce ON the trampoline.

  5. Graham crackers and milk is one of my favorites--and you have to get the cracker soft, but not so soft it falls off! But if it does then you just get a spoon. Yum. I may have some right now.

    Your photos are amazing. I have photo envy. And I'm both terrified and happy for you and Bryces new job! Congratulations and you are always welcome at our house during tax season!

  6. What a great newsletter/pictures. Glad you are having a good week (we all deserve one now and then). :) Exciting that Bryce will eventually have his own President Hinckley often said, "it will all work out" and I'm sure Bryce has figured out the long term effect of owning the business...right? In the future, when he's looking for employees he might consider Kathy Delli Gatti...she's a good tax person.
    When you are stuck/lonely/frustrated in March call me and I'll come over and help herd kids with you. love you...and your posts.

  7. I love reading your posts and seeing your kids grow up! I also love seeing your creations. Some of my best memories of medford took place at your house and in your yard.

  8. Katie I love reading your blog! My favorite photo this post is the bubble one. You make me want to take out my own camera and capture the everyday life of our family.

  9. Love to read about and see your life in these wonderful photos! Never stop! My favorite photo is the reading one. A gal after my own heart!. The kids have grown so much since I last saw them. Love your family!

  10. I am always excited to see another post from you. I think you are funny and talented and a great mom, thank you for sharing


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