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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Formal Introduction

20 Random Things about Me, Meg

1. I often smell like poop or graham cracker, and sometimes both.

2. On occasion I have been known to smear pancake into my hair, only on occasion.

3. I'm a good sleeper. This might sound slightly braggish coming from my mom, but I
take three good naps a day and sleep for about 12 hours at night.

4. I LIKE meatloaf. This may seem insignificant to some of you, but there are some crazies out there that don't. I have tried it, and I like it. There's something to be said about ground beef, eggs, oatmeal/bread crumbs formed into a loaf that I find tantalizing.

5. I try to fly. I bounce up and down really fast and flap my arms. I have as yet to become air borne, but I try none-the-less.

6. I'm somewhat ashamed to mention this, but sometimes, I still hit myself in the face.

7. I like to eat. It doesn't hurt that my mom is a great cook.

8. I am NOT into scrapbooking.

9. I'm a shameless flirt.

10. I'm going to one up my sisters and learn to crawl.

11. Many people, including the cashiers at the grocery store, have noticed what have often been referred to as my fine eyes.

12. Without fail, I whine every time I get my nose cleaned.

13. I do this adorable little thing when I eat: I squish up my nose and snort, pulsing the boogers in and out. And in an effort to be honest, sometimes the boogers stay out.

14. I like bath time.

15. I'm a good crier and can perform almost on demand.

16. I tell myself that I would be secretly sad if my mom did, in fact, sell Adeline.

17. Sometimes I am forgotten about and left in the high chair, or on the couch, or with Adeline, alone. All very dangerous, in my opinion.

18. I like to be naked. But really, who doesn't?

19. I spit-up, a lot.

20. I do this really neat trick where I don't bend my legs when I'm getting on my pajamas.

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  1. What I'd like to know is how cute little Meg came across meatloaf when her own mother is one of those crazies that doesn't like meatloaf???


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