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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Reply

Dear Katie,

I will keep this brief. At the risk of sounding 'suffocating' please reconsider, I cannot possibly live without you.

While it is true that I have been unfaithful, can you say, in your heart of hearts that you have ever felt neglected?

When you had no one else, you ALWAYS had me. Consistent, and never changing.

I am calm and patient, just waiting for you to notice me.

Don't be hasty and please, no t-shirts,

Yours, forever and always,



  1. HEY I just read all your posts and you had me laughing out loud!!!! I freaked out a little bit when I started reading your comment on my blog,(you were joking, right?????) I would be sooo sad if I didn't have you to chat with during ballet :)

  2. well you can tell your dust that it should feel lucky that it gets any attention at all. Because the dust at my house is definetly ignored all the time!


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