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Friday, January 29, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am sure many of you have been wondering why, when I am such an obviously brilliant writer, I have chosen not to take the path most often trod and not started a blog before this week.

Allow me the privilege of illuminating.

1. I did not want to be one of THOSE people who say 'Hey you should read my blog, it's only one post long and I started it 6 months ago, but it's really great.'

2. I am a LIAR. Who would read a liar's blog? But, it's true, I lie. I lie about Christmas, Bryce can ask me a question point blank about a present, and WITHOUT even blinking I can lie to his face. One time I thought it would be fun to lie to my mom about not being able to bring my sister home for Christmas. My sister pulled it off exceptionally well, but in a rare moment, honestly, it was my idea.

3. The whole idea of blogging is self-absorbed, narcissistic, and egotistical. Believing that someone out there will care what's going on with me. Not that I think of all of YOU out there are that way.

4. I am not an eternal optimist. Some people are, and that's great. I do not always like my children, my life is not always great, my kids do not say brilliant, intelligent phrases, my DIY projects don't always turn out, etc., etc., etc. (as said from The King and I).

5. I have never been called Stewart, Martha or any combination of the two.

6. I do NOT have a great camera. My (our, if Bryce wants to claim it) camera is so old, they don't even make a memory card for it any more, you have to press it together in a certain way to make it take a picture, and it's been dropped more times than the ball at New Year's Eve (lame comparison, I know). And we are not a photogenic family, with perhaps the exception of Meg.

7. While I don't think people out there should read this blog, that doesn't mean I don't want them to and wouldn't be hurt if they didn't. (I'm sure that made complete sense.)

Regardless of all of my reservations, I have started a blog (obviously).

Please do a girl a favor and click on the followers button, even if you're a closet reader.



  1. I like your blog very much. And my blog isn't all happy happy either. You'd know if I let you read it! Pass me an email so I can add you.

  2. i read it and boy do I miss that trampoline that Elizabeth is jumping on!

  3. Katie! Welcome to the world of blogging. It looks like you are on a roll, you have just about posted every day since you started. It's good to catch up with your family, and your sense of humor!

  4. That is a great pic of Elizabeth. Who took it? Yes, I am one of those that has a blog and hasn't updated it for over a month now. You have inspired me to be better, but I am sure I won't be!

  5. I'll follow you if you follow me... :)


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