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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Dose of Randomness

Here are two thoughts I've had lately:

I'm glad I'm running. Or maybe I should say glad that I am in the category of 'runners'. Sure I like the time by myself, on the days I run I feel like I've accomplished something, I'm sure I'm healthier - I don't know how to officially gauge that, but the main reason? I'm a hero.

Runners are heroes. Very rarely are they the victims. The runners on CSI or Law & Order who are jaunting through Central Park or along the beach ALWAYS find the dead people. Very rarely are THEY the dead people. I'm taking control my life by beating the suburban sidewalks with my Pumas.

I find Toy Story highly unbelievable. No, not the talking toy part. More specifically, that Sid, the crazy neighbor kid, actually wins a toy using the claw mechanism at the arcade. I, for one, have NEVER seen any one win anything from those things. And it only took one try? pu-lease...


I'm trying to commit myself to have a picture of Adeline and her cast on Friday....don't hold your breath.


  1. You won't have time to post a we will be garage selling!! Should i bring my running shoes?

  2. Um, have you seen all the stuffed animals my kids have? Yeah, claw machines. Apparently Howard is really good at them, and a sucker when the kids beg him. I hate the claw machine and its poor quality stuffed animals that sadly find their way to donation boxes.

  3. Yeah, well or whoever chooses the winner must have totally overlooked me and my posting! POOP. Better luck next time, eh? I love the "tell me what your fav. song to sing in the shower" part! i don't sing in the shower, I like to do this tap step: the time step. It really urks my hubby, he says I'll fall. Sheesh, it's like I'm not graceful or something! Anywhoo, I love your blog. Keep 'em coming!


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