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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Great Debate

I have debated and debated about whether or not I should post this. I know that some of you already know about it, which is fine, I try not to have any secrets. And if any of you would have asked, I would have told you my thoughts, straight up.

I'm just going to go for it:

I don't miss Elizabeth when she goes to school.

I know that I should and that she's gone for a really.long.time for someone so small.

But people, I don't.

We've had five.whole.years together. No preschool, no daycare, nothing.

The time has come for her to go to school and for the other two innocents to have some attention.

Go ahead, judge away.

Something else? It really bothers me when people don't turn on their blinkers when they're in the left hand turn lane. I know that it's 'implied' with it being a turn lane and all, but still....

And why I'm in a confessional state, I'm really sorry I didn't post on Friday. I just couldn't get it together.



  1. I'm always happy to see my kids after school, but anyone who says they don't enjoy their free time is a big fat liar! LOL!

  2. I'm totally with ya on this! If I was Elizabeth though...I'd probably take it personal and I'd quit following your blog! :0) LOL

  3. I feel the exact same way. It's nice to have them home again and I always enjoy the beginning of vacations, but it's also good for us all to have some time apart too.

  4. I don't blame you for not posting on Friday, you did family pictures and everyone knows you need days to recover.

    Maybe I am the odd one out, but I miss my kids when they are gone just on Fridays. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy my time with just the little ones, but I miss the big ones.

    I don't miss them when they go away with friends though. Doesn't make sense, but there you go.

  5. I dont feel bad infact I am excitied for him to be in school. I am exicited to see my kids grow and develop and have fun in school and friends. I want them to grow up and have a great life and experience all the things that they should.

  6. I cannot wait for my kids to go back to school, then the fighting and bickering will stop! I guess I can be in the bad mother's club with you. I still have until Monday though.

  7. Who cares what other people think. I think you are spot on.


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