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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What I Learned This Week

  • Throw up is the grossest when you are the one cleaning it up than at any other time.

  • That it's a miracle that Adeline hasn't broken her other arm.

  • Two kids at home that take naps is way easier than three kids.

  • Moms are the best, especially when they visit and do all of the stuff that you get so.tired.of.doing: changing poopy diapers, taking the kids to the park, doing baths, cleaning dishes, wiping kids off after dinner, etc.

  • When you are getting your three year old ready for bed with you leaning over and holding pajama shorts and she decides to jump in instead of stepping in and she rams your nose with her head at full speed and then you start crying and gushing blood like nobodies business and are trying to think of some obscenities that would be wildly appropriate for this situation and realize you don't really know any because you were raised better than that and then your daughter starts crying because you've scared the dickens out of her with so much blood and your head and nose hurt for four hours after the incident and there is a slightly perceptible black eye, you about want to call it quits.

  • Five year olds need more sleep than they would have you believe.

  • You can buy a chandelier with real crystals at an estate sale for $5 and then go to an antique store to see said chandelier going for $175 and feel prett-y good about yourself.

  • The A-Team is actually a really, really funny movie, although your husband will be quoting antiquated lines from the original series for days.

  • People who read this blog know about as much about plumbing as I do, which if you haven't caught on, is

  • You take it personally when someone stops following your blog.

  • Your husband quoting a line from one of your posts, i.e. ....not swayed by feminine tears....., is not nearly as funny as when you write it.

  • A good book can be the best solution to a lot of problems.

I'm secretly hoping I don't have as much to learn this week,



  1. You really are quite funny. Keep up the post, they make me laugh.

  2. I can't believe the luck on the Chandelier, I hope it was the one that we dug through all of that gross stuff in the garage, that she didn't even know existed and then wanted a fortune (only in my eyes) for it. That would serve her right. I'm still sick about the bedroom set. Can't stop thinking, what was i thinking that i didn't buy it. I guess I wasn't thinking.

    Love mom

  3. Wishing you a much better week, without throw up and without bloody noses and with napping kids.

  4. Maybe your follower was just mad they didn't get a quilt! By the way, I love mine!!!

  5. Bloody nose, huh? win. :)

  6. ouch--i'm so, so, so sorry. Glad my little'un isn't strong enough for that kind of damage yet. booo.


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