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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things that I don't do, even though I know I should:

  • Floss. I know, I know, but I'm not buying into the fact that a minuscule size string perfectly placed can prevent cavities.

  • Exercise. I feel like I just had this conversation, but I ran for a total of six weeks. That's not a record in any kind of category.

  • Keep a journal, I can't even justify my blog, nor can you, knowing what we know about said blog.

  • Weed my garden. After five months in, the novelty has worn off. If you can say weeding is novel.

  • Tell people that we're moving. I know I should make some huge announcement, still....

  • Take my kids to the library. I have a large fine, and seriously, I'll probably just skip town without paying it.

  • Wash my fabric before I use it for a quilt.

  • Clip coupons, just typing that makes me nauseous about all the work that I foresee.

  • Give my kids vitamins. Some days I can barely get them fed all of the food groups in no particular order.

  • Go through family pictures. I had my friend Becca take some family pictures and I'm still traumatized at how awful it went, independent of Becca - she was fabulous, that I can't summon the courage to open the file again.



  1. Seriously about the pictures? what about me. I am still shaking.

  2. You're moving??? where too??

  3. Here's something we should all do-make a will. It's so depressing to think about, but we should do it. Sorry, did I just add to your list?

  4. You DON'T have to wash your fabric anymore!! Really--no foolin'!! So now you can sleep a little cozier! :0)


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