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Monday, August 30, 2010

To My Devotees:

To all of my faithful followers and closet readers,

I regret to inform you that at this time in my life I have made a difficult and tearful decision. I will be taking a leave of absence for the period of approximately two weeks.

When I am crying everyday over who knows what, acting like a crazy person, trying to pack and purge and find a rental, and dealing with the emotional repercussions of knowing that Bryce will be off training in beautiful California for an extended period of time leaving me home.alone in a new area with three precariously obedient children (and hopefully a large sum of money for the local quilt store so I don't get bored), I lack the motivation, capacity, and/or ability to come up with clever post ideas.

And now for a plea: come back in two weeks, or for honesty's sake let's say 3 weeks. I will be back, and I hope that all of you will too.


Feel free to leave a comment stating your undying devotion and how terribly I will be missed......

Bryce got a job with the IRS in Medford, OR. We're moving next Wednesday, packing up next Tuesday between 6:30 and 7:30pm so if you live in the area....


  1. I'm sure glad I still have your cell phone number. Even though our conservations aren't as entertaining as your blog, it still fulfills that need of being a part of your life. Is there really a cool quilt store in Medford? I can't wait to come visit.

    Love, Mom

  2. What!!?? Humph!!
    **frowny face and pouty folded arms**

    Where the heck you moving to--at least give us something...what is Bryce training know some sorta insights...while we wonder in darkness.

    I looked it up and there's a Medford MA, OR, NY, CA, NJ and I stopped looking then.

  3. I am a devoted fan and will bitterly miss your blog, but I completely understand the craziness of packing and moving. It's been almost 2 years and I still haven't gotten over it. I will obviously look forward to the resumption of your posts unless your mind completely snaps from all the stress and you only blog about how wonderful Walden is...

  4. I would say that I will cry every day missing your wit and cleverness in your blog, but I am just too bothered by your vagueness to do so (and no I can't spell) where to? I think we readers deserve to know that. If it is in fact Medford OR you can become besties with my sister in law, she is wonderful and very amazing with a sewing machine. Enjoy the new adventure...try not to dwell on the reality of change and goodbyes. enjoy your break.

  5. I totally understand!!! As much as I love your blog, I love you more and seriously, this is not on the 'essential' list when a move is imminent. I will still be a devoted reader upon your return.

  6. Yahoo! Not that I am excited about your not blogging because we both know I'm am an avid reader and fan...but yeah to the fact that you will be joining us in Medford bliss. Can't wait for you guys to roll into town, and I have some info for you about rentals, which is why I sat down at the email you, then I saw you had a new post, and got distracted. Back on task, expect an email shortly.

  7. If we don't help you move, you won't, right?

    You actually said you won't be blogging, most people just stop for like, 5 months at a time, so you get bonus points for honesty.

  8. I'll state my devotion if you give me a quilt...just kidding. We will miss your posts and even more so miss you and your daring family. We sure had fun playing on Saturday. We will be there to help.

  9. What? You're leaving A-Town? I l.o.v.e. Oregon. My mom goes to Yachats every year, we've joined her a couple of times. Good luck on your new adventure! Are you going to pay Becca to come to OR to take your pics?:)

  10. What? You are moving? I guess if I was a real friend and talked to you once in a while I would know this. And now the joke is on me because if I had talked to you I also would have persuaded you (ahem...brainwashed you into thinking, no I am not above desperate measures) that Arizona is the best state to relocated to in the country. Maybe when you move to Oregon, I will conquer my fear of the telephone.

  11. Okay, my devotion is undying... Be back soon.

  12. Yes Jamie, Katie is going to fly me out there and take pictures of them. And you can be my second shooter! Katie, get your butt back on the computer! I miss reading your voice. I want a full synopsis of the move, how awesome the drive was, how perfect the girls were. And I am dying to know, did you drug Meg? She probably could have used it.


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