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Monday, December 20, 2010

Per Request, after request, after request...

The living room
The living room

The stair case show casing blue paint, not gray

Family Room

Dinning room and doors to sun room

Library, view from family room, dining room to the left, bathroom straight ahead

Black and yellow tiled bathroom with leaky shower and cracked pedastal sink
looking in from library to the door that leads to the pantry and laundry room or outside or downstairs or to the scary storage room which I don't have a picture of

Kitchen from dining room

Kitchen and kitchen floor in all it's glory, view of sun room doors


Hallway, with floors redone but ceiling unpainted, cupboards on right

Teeny, tiny bathroom

Elizabeth and Adeline's room. The walls are rough hewn wood that have three different kinds of wall paper and newspaper clippings dating back to 1885. Ceiling has since been painted white.

Meg's room/guest room before

Another before with blue laminate and acoustic cardboard facing something or other on ceiling.


On the ceiling is tongue and groove one inch thick boards which have since been painted white.

The adult bedroom, after

Another after

Before with plum colored walls

Some more dark purple wall images

My pregnant self


The storage room without the stolen brick

It was upright at one time. The laundry room. I really like it, except for the fact that the doors open into each other, not the other way around

Another of the kitchen

Where the stove will go

House with large pile of debris that encourages a lot of handy men to stop by and ask for work


Built ins in dining room, sewing/craft things


  1. Yea, I have been waiting. Looks great, and cute cute kids.

    Love Mom

  2. Pssstt... Your tree is sideways...

    It looks wonderful! Hope you have a great Christmas!

  3. the floors look great good job Bryce. That house totally screams you. YOu will do a great job in making wonderful it does have lots of fun things in it.

  4. I.Love.Your.Banister!! I am also way jealous of your built-in shelves! I had those in my last house and miss them terribly!! I agree with the bell family- the house does totally scream you and you have just made it so PERFECT!! I'd totally buy it!!

  5. Supposedly you can switch the doors on your dryer around, though not the washer. Ours knock into each other too, though the installer guy said you could change the dryer. We've just never done it yet. Just FYI

  6. to. die. for!!! Seriously dreamy and perfect. The floors, the character, I love it. when can I come visit? Thank for finally posting some pictures. Your decor as always is awesome. I love the red wreath in the middle of the window. Miss you!

  7. Thou shalt not covet... Trying hard not to... Not succeeding... *Sigh*

  8. The house looks huge and bright and beautiful. I know it has been a lot of work and waiting, but it seriously looks like it will be worth it. Even though there is probably a lot more you would still like to do, what would you do without a lot of projects to think and scheme about and implement? It's a blank canvas for all of your extremely awesome ideas. Merry Christmas!


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