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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I could Blog About....

  • The rat, not mouse, that I saw, coming out of my pantry. I feel violated and now really paranoid. Every time I turn around, I think I'm going to see a rat.

  • The smell permeating my house from something that died in the basement. I hope it was said rat.

  • The refrigerator saga. I will, never, ever, in a million, trillion, zillion years buy anything from Best Buy AGAIN.

  • That I am in a decorating rut. I have tons of ideas but am worried that none of them will turn out and feel that I lack the energy and the commitment.

  • Shopping for a couch. I've never bought a large piece of furniture from a furniture store, ever. I am nervous.

  • We bought TV for the first time. We officially have cable. When we were first married, we had rabbit ears and got one channel, NBC. We watched Olympics non stop.

  • The best thing the kids got for Christmas...Meg got this huge plastic slide. It's currently the only piece of furniture in our living room. The kids love it.

  • The worst thing the kids got for Christmas....Meg got this huge slide. The kids fight and cry over it. Why must parents be forced to make rules for new toys?


P.S. I am committing myself to have something decorated by Friday for the day's post. Maybe if I write it out loud, I'll actually do it.


  1. I didn't know A LOT of this...apparently I need to call more often! A RAT?!!! Ewww. And what pantry?

  2. Hope you make progresss through your thoughts. At least they like the slide. Good luck on the couch. My mom has been debating over a sectional for MONTHS>> I am so ready for her to just make a decision. Remember, with most decorating if it doesn't turn out right, you can always change it. Start with a small to-do.

    I have scads of fabric I keep wanting to do something with, but haven't actually started. Guess I am not one to be giving advice, LOL!


  3. I am looking for a couch too and I feel the same way that you do. Good luck and tell me when you find yours and how. THe rats would totally scare me./


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