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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What They Don't Tell You....

is that...

  • those cute blogs about home remodeling, the wife cried three days before the before and after post.

  • people working on your house, instead of taking their trash with them, will just leave it in the large pile of debris in front of your house for you to take care of.

  • you'll miss a garage and a driveway, terribly.

  • anyone and everyone will give their opinion about your house, whether or not they know what they're talking about.

  • small town craigslists stink.

  • you'll find a discount bread store, but it's not run by a loud and fun black lady that gives your kids free donuts.

  • sometimes you really do wish Santa existed, just so you didn't have to actually do any Christmas shopping.

  • wallpaper is surprisingly easy to take off, if it's glued to fabric that's been nailed to a wall over the original wall that already has bits of wallpaper and newspaper already on it.

  • it will cost you the same to put in new hardwood floor in one room as it does to refinish the hardwood floors in the entire rest of the house.

  • only having two TV channels that never come in is lame and will make you want to take the promotional offer for cable that's only $5 more a month.

  • being a parent for Christmas is way more fun than being a kid, even though it's

  • there's something terribly satisfying about seeing full book shelves in your home again.

  • not having a working shower is dumb and feels a lot like camping.

  • not having a fridge or an oven in your kitchen feels a lot like camping also.

  • not having an oven in your kitchen alleviates your guilt when buying a Pizza Hut pizza, or two.



  1. Katie, I cry every time we do a home improvement project and it only gets worse when I'm pregnant. Deepest sympathies, but know that this too shall pass...good luck with the house!

  2. Katie, I love you! As far as the craigslist goes, isn't it great that you kept your piano? You had amazing foresight.
    You may as well pay the $5 for cable for days when you have all that snow ;)

  3. I'm seconding Rachel's "I love you" comment. It was a sad day when you left A town!

    I think it's pretty much mandatory that a woman cries when she's moving into a new house and/or fixing up a house. I think we can all admit to doing that. I know I can.

    And now because my appliances are all in my kitchen I do have to go cook dinner. Truth be told I should have started it 10-15 minutes ago, but I can't get too excited. It's only mac & cheese and hotdogs afterall...

  4. P.S. What does it mean to farizate??? That was my comment authorization word and only you can come up with an appropriate definition.

  5. I've never remodeled but I can second the fact that only those who live in big cities find the good stuff on Craigslist. All I ever see is furniture from the '80's-that was bad in the '80's!

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Farizate: a state commonly seen in moms when the kids are falling apart, the phone is ringing and dinner is burning on the stove. Best used in the sentence: I was feeling farizate yesterday ANd my husband was late.

  7. Did I ever tell you how much I love seeing the pictures I took of your kids on your blog? It's like you really like them. I am so happy and I miss your stinky guts and I wish I could see you not skinny at this time of your life. Because you are so skinny every other time.


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