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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 Things...

I want right now:

  1. a nap

  2. to not be pregnant so I can take Ibuprofen

  3. a snack I don't have to prepare for myself

  4. Meg to potty train herself

  5. for my kitchen to be painted

  6. to be able to find some maternity pants that actually stay up

  7. to never have to pluck my eyebrows again

  8. for Bryce to realize that I have the better list of boy name options

  9. for Adeline's play date to show up so she will stop incessantly asking when she'll get here

  10. for my kids to never learn how to tell time. Cruel? for sure Effective? without a doubt

You'll find in my trash can:

  1. hair clippings, the girls got a haircut last night

  2. countless pages of unfinished and forgotten about art work

  3. leftovers

  4. lots of tissue from my ever-running nose

  5. dead flies, remember those maggots, well, apparently they weren't all vaccumed up and now we have a lot of flies, fortunately they're pretty stupid...

  6. fabric scraps from the quilts that I'm making for Meg and baby boy

  7. my sanity

  8. my patience

  9. a broken plastic hanger

  10. dirty diapers

I'm decent at making:

  1. breadsticks

  2. toast

  3. a bowl of cereal

  4. anything with cream of chicken

  5. chili

  6. green salad

  7. love

  8. people laugh

  9. a to-do list for Bryce

  10. grape juice



  1. Great should have spread them out though, you have three entire entries in one! Be frugal. :)

  2. I also wish Adam would potty train himself. So far it's not working. Doug's volunteered to work on it when he's on spring break though so maybe I'll get lucky.

    I'm also working to ensure my children can't tell time. It helps if you only have one clock in the main area of the house, especially if it's only the microwave clock. Then they don't question you when you say it's bedtime. Speaking of bedtime... I can't wait. Alex is in dire need of an early bedtime.

  3. Emma potty trained herself, so there is hope. I actually like that my older two can tell time. That way they can keep track of how long everyone has been on the computer, watching tv, in the shower, etc. Saves me having to do it, and I am all about making it easy on myself.

    I might need a little brain bleach from item #7 in list #3. I mean, I know you are pg and all, but the mental imaging!!! I'll just blame it on pg brain.

  4. you make me laugh.. thanks. I needed that!


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