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Friday, February 4, 2011

I Love You, Kissy Face

Adeline's kissy face with two-day old hair. Do you see that stuff in the corner, against the wall? That is the makings of some curtains, that have been sitting there for a while....
Meg, don't let that smile fool you, it's taken me an hour to put together this post thanks to that charming individual.

Fireplace mantle sporting vintage Valentine cards. Bryce's grandma was a teacher and she saved all of the cards her students gave her. I am the happy recipient.

Post cards, calling cards and old sheet music.

I copied this garland out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

I'm excited for Valentine's Day this year because it's Bryce's turn to plan.

Have a great weekend.



  1. So glad someone gets to take turns planning Valentine's... It also happens to be Doug's birthday so I get to do a lot of planning. We'll see if this year turns out at all.

  2. Cute Valentines Decorations! And--I call Makenna Kissy Face, too! Ahhh...

  3. I love your garland, it makes me long for the days of making handmade Valentine's with my kiddies. I'm pretty sure my 16 year old wouldn't go for that anymore. :(

  4. Adeline is sooo cute!!! I love the vintage Valentine's


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