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Monday, February 21, 2011

I Wasn't Lying...

when I told you I was a liar.

Remember how I said I would have the kitchen done like um, four days ago??? Yeah, me too. I'm embarrassed but moving on.

See that fabric? Pretty great, right? I love it. Putting it up was the biggest nightmare.....ever. You know how you have those really, super duper, great ideas? This was one of mine. And then not so much.

I can't reach that open shelving, it's pretty narrow, and I don't want to have to dust up there. So my solution was some cute little curtains.

So this is what went wrong:

  1. I cut my fabric wrong, even though I did measure, lots.

  2. The drill died.

  3. The rods were too short, then the rods were too long, and then I didn't have enough.

  4. I didn't have enough fabric.

  5. I decided that I hated how it looked.

  6. I'm 9 months pregnant going up and down a ladder and bending over.

  7. I decided I'd wait after I got the first one up to see what Bryce thought, just to see if it was my raging hormones putting out negative criticism.

  8. Bryce was out of town.

  9. Bryce came home and said he loved it, with no encouragement.

  10. The sleeves for the rods were too small.

  11. The curtains were too short.

Yup, that fabric that I love almost made me cry....that's the way of love though.

Feel free to tell me that this was the best project post eva' and how you are amazed at how I harness such creativity day in and day out....

You will also see pictured images of my laziness....a pail that holds dirty dish cloths that I can't summon the energy to walk to the laundry room approx. 10 feet away and also the recycling, which is the same situation.



  1. Katie, you are so awesome! Thank you for posting this and still being my friend even though I call you up and demand pictures when you are 9 months pregnant.
    Your creativity and vision are inspiring. Annie loves all the scales. You should have your own blog! Wait a minute.
    I love the fabric, it turned out really well. The bead board is perfect. Bead board is good everywhere, right?
    Your kitchen is totally you. I am not at all envious of the counter space or actual drawers. Nope.

  2. This was the best project post eva' and I am amazed at how you harness such creativity day in and day out!

  3. Need I say more??? I think it's been covered already. Looks fabulous, and I'm sorry it made you cry. I totally cried Saturday night about the book I was reading, and I'm not even pregnant and certainly wasn't climbing ladders. So you're excused.

  4. Awww, sending virtual hugs your way. It's always disappointing when a project doesn't go as planned.

  5. love it.. want to see it in real life!

  6. I am impressed. It looks great! I (only sometimes) wish I could buy another house to remodel and do some cute things in it, with endless amounts of money! Again, grea job :)

  7. It looks awesome! Take it easy preggers.


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