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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I Learned From My Sibilings:

(I was going to post the big kitchen reveal but since I can't remember the last time that one of my projects was 1)finished on time, 2)looked exactly how I had it pictured, and 3)was never frustrating, that's not going to happen today.)

  • Getting in trouble is way more fun if there are twice as many people in on it.

  • Laughing when you get a spanking does not make it hurt less, no, no, instead you'll get a double dose.

  • If anyone ever says: I have a good idea, chances are, it's not a good idea.

  • Sometimes people actually think that you're really cool, even if they never tell you.

  • Telling someone else's secret is always a bad idea, even if it's telling your brother's crush that he likes her, when he was seven.

  • The age limit on a McDonald's play structure is more of a guideline.

  • Hanging out with a sister and her boyfriend is disturbing and not really that fun.

  • You can believe in Santa Claus for an embarrassing amount of time if you have siblings in on the action.

  • Sharing a room with a sister is the best recipe for a good relationship....ten years later.

  • Singing into a wooden spoon can make anyone feel like a rock star.

  • You don't remember as much of the fighting as one would think.

  • Sometimes it helps to have a common enemy, like parents.

The kitchen WILL BE ready to show off tomorrow, but just in case, maybe check for a posting later in the day....



  1. one more to add to the list...

    if you "forget" the rules, someone (usually Katie) will help you remember. :)

    happy Friday!

  2. emily that sounds a lot like Elizabeth.


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