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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

20 Rules I've Broken

  1. Jay walked all.of.the.time in college. I actually don't remember a specific time I used the crosswalk.

  2. On more than one occasion I didn't finish my food growing up. Although it looked like I had finished my food, it was really in the toilet, in my napkin, in the heat register behind my chair, or under my youngest siblings' high chair.

  3. I speed, daily.

  4. In college, I went on multiple dates with multiple boys all in one day. I actually don't know if it's a rule how many boys you can see in one day...

  5. I hardly ever iron. I think that must be some sort of housewife rule. Isn't that what the dryers for?

  6. I bribe my children hourly. I've read a lot of parenting books that say you shouldn't do that but....

  7. When I play the piano, I never count. I know how, I think, but I'm really lazy.

  8. Sometimes I feed my kids cereal for lunch.

  9. I sleep my babies on their tummies.

  10. I rarely take my prenatal vitamins.

  11. When we used to go to the zoo, there was this door for employee use only, I used it all of the time.

  12. I wipe junk from my counter into my open dishwasher rather than into my hand and then the trash can.

  13. I only shave my legs a couple times a week.

  14. I don't floss.

  15. I rarely remember to put on sunblock.

  16. I call African-Americans black.

  17. I let my kids eat food off the floor.

  18. I wear white socks with mostly everything.

  19. I left A-Town without paying my $4 library fine.

  20. The tags on my van are expired.


  1. My kids watch a lot of TV when I don't feel well.

  2. Katie about the tags on your van... we just had a really long sad and expensive experience regarding expired tags at our house. So just a word to the wise don't let it go past three months because in Utah if you are caught, they will impound your vehicle on the spot.

  3. I think part of that A-town library fine is mine, but the jerks won't let me pay it. Its not like I don't contribute to them regularly with my own fines, why should it matter if I want to pay yours too?

  4. Is that all the rules you have really broken? I think I might try this and see how many I can come up with! I think I broke several rules at home. And there is a 20-second rule that goes with food on the ground. If it is only there for 20-seconds it's o.k. to eat :)

  5. I'm curious, where did the 'employees only' door lead to at the zoo?

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't take her prenatal vitamins, like ever. *Let's out a sigh of relief* I thought I was like evil or something. I can't remember and they're just so huge and they have me on so much other crap.

    They are black, I've never met a black person from Africa, sorry. Black black black. I'll never change.

    I only shave my legs on Sunday if I'm not wearing tights, so usually about twice a month during winter.

    And I resent my mother for making me drink the milk out of the cereal bowl before I could leave the table, and for putting my orange juice in the fridge for the next day, and making me eat 3 bites of leftover mashed potatoes for breakfast. Sam and I throw away everything, and I do not care. And I even fill my cereal bowl all the way to the top with milk and half of it goes down the drain, so shoot me.


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