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Friday, January 28, 2011

Pretend You Are All Priests

and what I say in this post as far as confessions goes no further than me and all of you.

I haven't been completely honest with all of you. It's true. I hold back some things. Mostly things that I'm embarrassed or ashamed about. Things that I think will prevent people from thinking I'm awesome - which I am only some of the time.

As you read through this post it will explain why this is not a typical Friday post.

Here it goes:

  • I didn't finish a single project this week. I got some closer to being finished, but nothing to show off. By closer, I mean I got two of 9 panels of curtains hung.

  • Lots of times I wait until a project is completely done before I post about it.

  • Nothing makes me more cranky and out of sorts than kids waking up when it's still too dark to see what time it is.

  • We had maggots. Gross, I know. Apparently some unsuspecting fly laid her eggs in between our floor boards. I thought at first that it was rice. I feel more than violated. They're under control now, as in dead, as in smothered in bleach in my front yard.

  • I don't dress Meg till about 9am.

  • Remember that one post where I said our shower was leaking? That was a lie. It was like a torrential flood into our basement. We had to get the bathroom completely re coated, it looks really great now flooding.

  • Some months I buy too much fabric and we have no money left over for food by the end of the month. We have food, it's just nothing terribly exciting.

  • Elizabeth rides the bus home from school. The bus stop is about three houses down from ours. I leave the other girls home taking naps while I go pick her up. I'm gone for about seven minutes. Please don't call the CPS.

  • Our neighbor has some sort of large 'indoor' lap pool. I really hope he invites us over to go swimming some time.

  • We have a large back hoe sitting in our front yard. We have mounds of random dirt scattered throughout our yard. Some things just take heavy machinery to accomplish.

  • I lost some pillows. The logical conclusion is that they're in the basement somewhere in one of the 25 boxes still unpacked. I hope it's true.

  • I try to get Adeline to play babies so I can be the kid and take a nap. Barbies are not so conducive to napping.

  • Bryce and I have not agreed on a single boy name.

  • I don't really like bananas or cooked carrots.

I think that's it. Feel free to leave a confession, I promise to read it, sympathize with you, and then erase it from my memory, which is kind of what I'm hoping you'll do for me.



  1. That all sounds pretty typical to me (=

    My kids have days when they don't get dressed at all and we eat cookies for lunch. It hasn't killed anyone.

    Boys names are tough. Hubby and I had a ton of girl names, but boys were so much harder. In the end, we settled on Joshua and Spencer.

  2. Don't feel bad about not dressing Meg til 9:00. It is 9:30 and my boys aren't even awake!

  3. My confession...there is still a cereal bowl from yesterday on the table. And I don't plan on cleaning it up until like 5:45, right before you guys come over. Deal with it. :)

  4. We,meaning the kids and I, didn't get up before 9 any day this week except today, because they needed to be at school at 8:45. Otherwise we'd all still be in pjs at 12pm.

    When I say I am going to clean the house, I really mean put away all the junk that has accumulated during the week, except on the back table. I am not scrubbing or anything.

    My baby ate food off the booster seat yesterday that I can't remember when we had it. Ew.

  5. Sometimes I leave dishes in the sink for several days, hoping Jay will have pity on me and wash them. Then when he does I say, "Oh, was going to do those, you didn't have to." :)

  6. Sarah wore the same clothes for two days straight this week, including sleeping in them.

    I NEVER clear my dinner dishes until the next morning.

    I don't post any projects on my blog because I almost never completely finish any projects. Case in point: We have lived in this house for over two and a half years and I still haven't really hung pictures.

    I am hosting book club tonight and will most likely not finish the book which I selected.

  7. I honestly do like balogna or baloney or however you choose to spell it.

    I also for some perverse reason like the "wonder if it really has cheese in it" dipping sauce that comes in the nacho Lunchables. (99 cents at Safeway this week.)

    I eat at least twice as many cookies as any other person in my house. Of course that comes with a price... Now I have to get up at 5:30 to work out while everyone else sleeps.

    I know way too much about kidney stones and how to prevent them...

  8. I haven't done dishes since breakfast...yesterday. Not a big deal? not when the dishwasher is broken and everything has to be dne by hand...and we are out of plates, forks and spoons.

    I am not such a fan of neighbor kids coming over and saying "can Jared play with me?" and when I say okay they quickly take off their coat and shoes and then I realize they meant my house....that I just cleaned.


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