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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Success

I'm going to be honest with you, sometimes Wednesday rolls around and I have no idea what to post. I worry that Adeline, potty, complaining, nagging or decorating posts are going to get old. Sometimes I try too hard to be liked and stew about whether or not my post will be a success. I know, poor me.

In an effort to give myself some motivation and a goal, I'm doing a give away.

I'm calling it, Katie-In-A-Box. I will put together some things that I've collected from garage sales and estate sales over the years and perhaps some things of my own creation that represent me and put them together in what I am positive will be a really cute package to send off to one of you. I realize this won't appeal to as many as you as a free quilt did.....but you never know (because not even I know) what will be in the package.

You have till Friday evening to enter, 7pm my time (Pacific). I'll announce the winner on Monday, and have the package sent off later that week.

Leave a comment telling me....your favorite boy name. =) Preferably one you haven't already used....

This sounds like one of those dollar store grab bags, but trust me, it'll be much cooler.



  1. I get to be the first one! I'm all about biblical boy names. I love the names Joshua and Joseph, but my top pick and likely our first boy name, although you can use it if you really want to, is Gabriel--Gabe. I also really like the name Damien, but Damien Willis does not sound like a little blond boy with blue eyes, does it?

  2. All right, I never won a quilt so I should get a couple entries this time! And a bonus entry for being your only twin sister :) As for names, boys are much harder to come up with than girls! I really like the name Dawson, but anyone from our generation is instantly going to think of Dawson's Creek. I also like the name Conrad.

  3. Hi Katie! We all love you and love reading your posts. Have no fear. We all have life stories to tell but not all of us write it as clever as you do. So we get to laugh or cry or ooh or ahh as we read your stories and then sit back gratefully knowing there is such a person we can call a friend out there.

    As for names (I certainly hope I win the drawing), my current favorite boy name (subject to change at any moment) is Xander (I would personally name the son Alexander and call him Xander, but I'm more in to permanent nicknames than you). There was a character in a book I recently read (The Shakespeare Stealer series by Gary Blackwood) whose name as Alexander but was called Sander. It grew on me. As the first poster mentioned, you can use this name if you want (if you recall, we used the the name of your first child so it would only be fair). I think our first son's name will be James Joseph, anyway, whenever, if ever, he graces us.

  4. I could use some Katie in A Box. You know I need all the help I can get when decorating.
    My favorite boy name? I guess you know that one. Since we don't live close anymore, you can totally use it! Here are the names I had picked for our girls: Wade, Caleb, James and Jared.

  5. "Katie-in-a-box" would be a better idea if you put yourself in the box...but, since this is an impossibility, I look forward to what ends up in the box. :)

    My favorite boy name? I used to really like Marek, but I have heard it around a lot recently, so it is off my list. So, the next best thing? in Fitzwilliam Darcy...maybe you should stick with Marek.

  6. Blogger thinks you should name your son Tanes. It means long-winded.

  7. oh curses. I accidently erased my first comment.

    Here's the long and the short of it. Blaine.
    Lorenzo. Wish I could be thinking of boy names too, but since I found out recently that I'm growing another little girl, well, I just don't need to be thinking of boys right now. :)
    Hope I win 'cuz I can always use new fun things to decorate my house with!

  8. I am your cousin Seth's wife and am obligated to give the recommendation he gives whenever anyone is having a boy...Seth.

  9. I have really always liked Ethan and Trenton. But, Kelly knew a jerk named Ethan, and your "only twin" sister used the name Trenton, therefore I cannot use Trenton or Ethan :)

  10. Katie in a Box sounds fabuloso (yes, real word I'm sure)... If Rachel thinks she needs help then it's blatantly obvious that I'm in dire need of decorating help. I mean you've been to both our houses and it's clear which one is more pathetically decorated, mine. (Sorry, Rachel. I still like you.)

    As far as boy names go... We had an extremely difficult time coming up with one the first time so the 2nd one was even harder, but I'll give you what I got.

    My favorite as a kid was Taylor, but now a bunch of girls have that name so it's not so exciting anymore. I also wanted Timothy, but Doug had a jerk of a former friend with that name so again, no go. Doug's first choice was Rulon after Rulon Jones who used to play for the Broncos... Again, blatant no go. I mean who can look at a cute little baby and call it Rulon???

    We also tried Michael and Thomas, but they just didn't work in our family.

    I'm trying to think of literature names, but I'm just finishing a book with the main guy named Gregor, and I'm not sure about that either.

    So despite my lack of help at boy names and my attemt to have a horribly long post to bore you all to tears... I still hope I win Katie in a box...

  11. I love the name Bryce...but I will never be able to use it since Bryce Stark will end up sounding like one word. boo I know. But that probably isn't too helpful since you already have a Bryce. I like Andrew and Vaugh.

  12. Your posts are always entertaining, despite your personal outlook that day towards them.
    I love the names of Grant and Carson. Hopefully you do too!

  13. When Caleb was born our other choice was Ethan. I still love the name.

    Katie in a box sounds awesome - and I'm seriously considering sending myself to Oregon in a box so I can see your house. Every time you post pictures it makes me want a personal tour even more!

  14. Favorite boy names- Charlie and Henry. We will be using both if we have boys. But who knows. Can't wait to hear that you pick. I also really like Andrew, but Tim doesn't.

    Looks like your house is coming together beautifully. Hope you are feeling good. Pick me for "Katie-in-a-box!!"

  15. I'll never get to use my favorite boy name, so you might as well - Jacob. I just can't do Isaac and Jacob. It's lame. Also a big fan of Alan and Lucas.

  16. I like the name Declan but Matthew doesn't so I can't use it. I have a patient with that name. I hear a lot of names and name trends at work so I like the not as common names. Sorry, I can't really think of any other names right now.
    Katie-in-a-box would be fun. I haven't seen you in forever!!

  17. I want a Katie-in-a-box! :)
    My favorite boy names are: Jacob, Michael, David, and Jason. :)

  18. Ryker Franklin Bell, or Cole Bryce Bell, or Henry Joseph Bell, or anything else that you like. I really just want to win Katie in a box. I hope you pick the items to give before you pick the winner, so you aren't selective in what you send me.

    Love, Mom

  19. Hi Katie,

    Just to let you know...I won the last "name the baby" contest I entered. But it was for a girl, so that name won't work for you. :)

    My all time favorite name is: A.D.A.M.

    It is masculine, yet works for a baby boy, too.
    love, love, love it.

    but so far I can't talk any of my kids into using it!
    good luck with your choice!


  20. I want in!!! You know how I love all things Katie.

    A name... I really haven't found one I like as much as Luke. How about Bryce II?

  21. Katie-

    I love the name Isaac, but you can't use it in case we have another boy. I'm sure we've ruined the names Luke and Jared for you (you know, name by association!) :)

    I'm dying to know what you're going to put in the box o' Katie, so show me even if I don't win, okay?

  22. I debated whether to share, since this has been a hot topic at our house and a hard one. But I figured I've got first dibs and I really like some of Kim's names- which won't interest you so it doesn't really matter anyway does it? Our top four names for TODAY (subject to change) : Wyatt, Gavin, Caleb, and Kaden - (His middle will be either Reed or Jotham - I tried for a Jot Jr. But it was a no go for Jot)

    I did think of some fun names to avoid - such as Silver, Sleigh, and Liberty


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