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Friday, January 14, 2011

A Quickie

Yes, I know that this is a title with a multitude of meanings....but it's my blog and I could use a laugh.

This is a brief post

  • to remind you to make sure to enter the give-away by this evening

  • to tell you that yes I did watch TV last night, and no it was not the National Geographic episode about an indigenous people who were threatened by a multitude of rats that ate their rice crops

  • to say that if you stop by to ask for free stuff from my pile of junk outside the front of my house, I don't really need to hear your back story or what your plans are for said junk

  • to mention that our shower is fixed and I've felt cleaner today than I have in weeks

  • to tell Bryce that I'm going to a couple of fabric stores this morning just to 'look' at baby boy fabric

  • and to say for all of you Meg fans, that she's sneaky. She lures me into a false sense of security by not undressing for days in a row while in her crib and then one night, she's completely 'niked'.

Merry Friday and Good Luck!


P.S. Word to the wise, don't bothering entering the giveaway if you don't like me or my style of decorating or getting free stuff or receiving a package in the mail ....


  1. You should post your pile of junk in front of your house on craig's list, charge a little and then yipe $$ for boy fabric. You should also ask those that stop by to look at your junk pile for information on your missing brick, and then maybe you could get that back. As you know I'm on a spending hiatus, but I have the car today and cans to recycle, do you think it counts if I spend that $$.

    Love Mom

  2. If we have a boy we are naming him Orinn. I can't talk Tate into Rhett! :( But I like Orinn a lot!!


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