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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Complaint Poll

Our oven died.


Not Really.

Have you read the rest of the posts about home ownership...?

We have this really cool, old, disassembled gas range in the basement.

Is it worth having someone come out and look at it?

It'll cost $40-$60.

We don't currently have a gas range.

We think it'd be pretty easy to have a plumber come out and hook it up for us since we already have gas in the house. Gas, like for the furnace, not like the other kind. In case you were wondering.

We're thinking about switching to gas regardless of the gas range in the basement.

So the question....

Is gas worth the switch?


  1. ya right you don't have other gas in your house. Your married to a Bell they are all full of gas no matter how you try and hide it.

  2. Gas all the way!! I can't imagine going back, after having a gas range. And I think it's totally worth the money to have the old one checked out. You can take it from the money you got back from the crappy experience known as your fridge purchase! ;)

  3. having never had a gas range, I don't really count as a qualified poll-ist. But FYI, I don't think I'll ever go gas because I can't seem to the hold my tongue right while trying to light my mother's, or my sisters, or my in-laws. I just spew gas and try not to light my eyebrows on fire - then beg for assistance. Maybe its an acquired talent, but maybe not.

  4. Totally worth it - I LOVE my gas range. Never going back. I was terrified of it at first, but it cooks so much more evenly, and I hardly ever burn stuff because when you shut of the gas, it's OFF (yes, I had problems with smoke in my kitchen before). Electric just can't compete.

  5. Is this the same range that put a big scratch in your brand new wood floor, and now it has died? I can't believe it.

    Ask your dad Joe, he could give you all kinds of advice.

    Love Mom

  6. If you have a working antique gas range I will be even more jealous of your new house than I already am.


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