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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Girl Room

Reminder of what the before looked like. That little square in the middle used to be hole. That's how the upstairs used to get heat, just holes in the floor for the heat to rise through. The downstairs now has a vent system, but still no direct heat upstairs. It actually stays pretty temperate up there. We have to keep all the doors open though.

The After, I've already rearranged it once.

These curtains we had at the old house. I just added a panel of white muslin at the bottom and honed my hot glue gun skills and attached some vintage yo-yos and scrap circles to make polka dots. Some times I am so lazy, and I'll probably regret not sewing the darn things on, but today is not that day. The little table with the blue top on the left side we made for Elizabeth years ago.

It used to be an old TV end table, you know the ones that have a little half shelf? We pulled off that part and painted it.

The white cupboard on the other side is an old metal pantry which we also picked up at an estate sale. I spray painted it white and the shelves inside black and it makes for a nice little book shelf.

Adeline's side.

I picked up the dresser from a thrift store for $40. Bryce painted it and we put hardware on. That thing is a beast. And just in that nook you see three pieces of enamel ware. When I was unpacking I even astounded myself by how much enamel I had accumulated. Bryce was less surprised.

Elizabeth's side, with cute little Meg. We found that little wooden iron and ironing board at an estate sale.

We still need to put trim up and paint the existing trim. I think I'm going to Modge Podge the walls to seal the old newspaper/wallpaper. We read one of the articles that talked about malaria and what it's caused by. Let's just say it sounded like it was written 136 years ago, but interesting none-the-less. And I have their little fabric triangle garland that I'm going to iron and hang up.

Oh yes, and lights. There's a architectural salvage yard here that has some matching old school house-esq lights I think would be perfect for here. I'm saving my money.

And I wasn't lying, we really are having a boy. I'm open to suggestions for decorating ideas. I'm not a sports-theme-person, just thought I'd put that out there.

Happy Weekend,



  1. Congratulations on the little guy in your future. If this room is any indication of your skill as a decorator, I can't wait to see what you come up with. I love the things you selected, they really are in keeping with the style of the original space.

  2. oh my goodness!!!! I LOVE it! It's gorgeous and perfect for them. so cute! Hmmm...Since I have never seen you decorate for a boy, I have no idea what to suggest, but I'm sure that your creativity will come up with something wonderful. Excited to see it!

  3. Oh my goodness, I just am in love with your little girl room. It just seems so fun and perfect for your little ladies to have their little adventures in. And I am soooo glad your camera is working so we can see everything! You're fabulous.

  4. Don't stress too much about decorating for a boy. They're not very picky. In fact, mine don't complain at all that they're walls are boring white! LOL

    However, because you're so good at decorating and will probably go nuts with a boring room (like if you were trapped in my boring house for a long time for example), just take your time and see what you find at estate sales and thrift stores that strikes your fancy. Boys like all kinds of things like dinosaurs, fire trucks, cars, outer space, etc. Or you can always go generic with primary colored ABCs or something like that.

  5. Vintage trucks. Seriously, it'd be cute.


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