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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'd Rather Be....

Many a morning rolls around, the birds are chirping, the sun is shinning, Bryce picked up some donuts for breakfast, the kids slept in and some little woodland creatures secretly landscaped our yard while we were sleeping.

There are some rare occasions when none of the above happens, not even one single concept.

On those days I'd Rather Be:

  • sunbathing on a deserted, unknown island with monkeys that bring me fresh pineapples.

  • taking a cross continent trip with exorbitance amounts of money for antiquing.

  • on a cruise. The boat wouldn't even need to have a destination.

  • perusing books at Barnes and Noble with a hot chocolate and no screaming kids at the back of the store with no escape route besides the front of the store.

  • being interviewed for any sort of anything: a-hard-working-young-mother-of-three-fashionista, the next big HGTV series, an amazing blogger award, nothing to do with living with rats....

  • on a weekend get away with Bryce on someone else's tab.

  • in the audience of The Price is Right.

  • at the Smithsonian Museum.

  • at a restaurant where I didn't cook the food, no one asked me to get anything, no one comments about how yucky everything is, my food is warm, I may or may not be eating by myself while reading a great novel, title unknown, written by a famous relative who put me in their will.

What would you rather be doing?



  1. Sleeping ALONE in my bed, with freshly washed bedding,for more than 6 consecutive hours!!

    Or stuffing myself with the best King crab @ Outback courtesy of Tate's employer!

  2. I would rather be:

    on a road trip to somewhere warm, with a place to swim, and some groovy tunes on the radio.

  3. Going thrifting with someone who has an eye for treasures. Without kids.

    A shopping spree at the fabric store, with no budget, also without the kids.

    Sewing the quilt that I have been working on for months, with no kids playing with the pins, the foot pedal, the fabric, or cutting up waistbands that I have plans for.

    Or last, least you think I don't like my kids, an open-ended trip to Disneyland, with no budget restrictions


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