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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Writers Block

Am I really considered a writer?

Regardless of the answer to that question, I've been stumped lately about what to post. Here's the thing, when things are going smoothly, I have a lot, I mean a lot, less to say. So if you're wondering how life is going, it's going smoothly. And I'm tired. What am I tired of? Being awake.

In order to jump start some creativity, I googled writing prompts.

Here's the one I picked: What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning?

  • I have to pee.

  • Did that baby ever go to sleep?

  • Why is Adeline crying already?

  • I hope she didn't pee the bed.

  • Maybe Bryce picked up some donuts so I don't have to make breakfast.

  • I really need to get those curtains made that have been sitting pinned by my dining room table for over a week.

  • Today I like the name Booker.

  • I wonder if reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies before I went to sleep is why I had that weird dream.

  • Why must Elizabeth close the bathroom door so noisily at 6:40am in the morning?

  • I hope she isn't cranky today because she woke up so early.

  • I hope Meg is still dressed and hasn't figured out how to undo her safety pin.

  • Is today the day that I shave or did I shave yesterday?

  • I wonder if I can hold off going to the bathroom until I've made the bed.

  • (As I look over to Bryce's side of the bed) Well that would explain why I was so cold, he had all of the covers and his pillow was on my side of the bed.

  • If those girls aren't good this morning they're getting oatmeal for breakfast, without sugar.

What are your first thoughts?



  1. My first thoughts might be:

    What? It's 5:30 already?

    Maybe Adam will grab his milk from the fridge and go back to bed if I lay here quietly.

    If I sneak into the bathroom will I wake anyone else up? Maybe I'll just hold it longer.

    Oh yeah! It's Sunday and I get to sleep in. Boy I love my honey.

    Disclaimer: None of these would actually happen on the same day.

  2. If I keep still I might be able to hold it for another 10 mins.

    I LOVE PBS and that I taught Paige how to turn everything on.

  3. Why doesn't Joe ever hear Lizzie before I'm awake?

    Maybe if I lay hear long enough he will hear her and I can pretend I'm asleep.

    If I were to get enough sleep for let's say, 10 consecutive days, would I be happy to jump out of bed, or is morning sluggishness inherent to my nature?

  4. S#!% - That pretty much covers every eventuality

  5. Wow! If this is what you write about when you have writer's block, then I can only imagine how funny you could be without it!

    My first thoughts in the morning:

    Is it Saturday yet?

    I wish I was a stay at home mom and then I wouldn't have to get up so early!

    And, Why is it that no matter how much sleep I get(6 hours or 10 hours) I am always still tired.


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