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Friday, January 21, 2011

Here's the Thing...

Why do pictures turn up sideways when they go in right side up????
You can't see it, but we've been putting a safety pin on Meg's pjs to keep her modest, thanks for the suggestion. See that stuff coming in the window? That's light from the sun! I love that stuff.

One corner of the house that is finished.

With crafts, I feel there's a fine line between cute and creative and ghetto and cheap. These are some 'airplanes' that I made for baby boy's mobile.

Please share brutally honest thoughts about this project, even if they will make me cry, although, I'm 8 months pregnant, it's not really that hard to do...

Two things: we got a new oven/stove! and it's gas! and it's awesome! everyone should get one! and we bought stuff to cover the mess. Here's the thing, there's a hole, well the hole is covered. But the room right above the kitchen is Elizabeth and Adeline's room. When ever they run and jump and play and sneeze, stuff falls from the ceiling, onto? the stove. We haven't had anyone over for dinner, don't worry. So hopefully this Saturday the mess will be covered and falling 'dust' will be gone.

I made baby boy some receiving blankets. The elephant one is my favorite.

I bought fabric for curtains in baby boy's room and for in our room.

The antique sign found a new home. It was the first thing I hung up. Bryce said that was pretty telling. However, it's one of the easiest things to hang up because you just nail it into the wall. The best thing about this house is there are no studs because there is no sheet rock because their is no insulation because there are no 2 by 4s. All the walls are like the girl room upstairs, and then they sheet rocked over the top and then they wall papered and then they painted. I don't really know who 'they' is.

We bought a couch. It was a new experience, buying a piece of furniture, new, from an actual retail store.

Joyous Weekend!



  1. The girls are so cute!

    And really, your 8 months pregnant? Seriously? I mean, I guess time goes by, but I had not idea you were so close to having this baby!

    Love the couch!

    I like the airplanes, very creative, but I'm wondering how you plan on hanging it. It seemed like maybe you had 6 airplanes or so. I think I would make a plus sign out of two sticks or whatever and hang 4 airplanes at the edge of each stick (maybe a 5th hanging from the center where the sticks cross). I might even have the 2 on one stick hanging a bit lower than the 2 on the other stick. I don't know if this is making sense because it's hard to describe something visual. That's my two cents. :)

  2. So what colors are you doing for baby boy?I like the airplanes. Emily planted the idea of doing a contest in my head and there is a good one I came up with. So I wanted to tell you I was going to do one and of course will credit the idea to you on my page. But you should participate cuz first place prize is really cute.

  3. 1st off the dresser in the "done corner" is way neat!! I have never seen one with two legs on one now what I mean. 2nd I absolutely adore the airplane mobile. I would bring everyone in babies room just to show it off!! 3rd Those blankets are dang cute, I LOVE the elephant one too. And last I haven't any cruel comments about your kitchen. I am having my baby in less than 7 days...right now I feel if it works it's fine for now!! :0)

  4. LOVE the elephant blanket---I'm having trouble seeing the airplanes clearly, but they look pretty cute. I think they'll be great! :) Your house is beautiful--I love the girls room, your finished corner, and the kitchen will get there. I'm excited to see what this little guy looks like--soooo soon. And congrats on the new couch! I love new furniture.


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