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Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Taking Suggestions...

for a great color to paint the steps of the stairs. I have a couple of ideas, but I want to hear what you think.

I found two benches at $7 for both at a church rummage sale. I did a mediocre job at recovering them and now they sit nicely in the kitchen. In the long run, two benches are better anyway.
Bryce hung up these two pressed flower panes. They're actually old doors that we got from Bryce's grandparents basement.

The spool frame was hung up a couple of weeks ago, but it feel down, no animals were injured in the process.

While my sisters were here I got them to do some painting. I'm hoping to finish up the room that we started on before the baby comes, which seems pretty likely at this point, since he's never going to get here. It's going to be pretty awesome.

Here's to hoping I won't be able to post next week....



  1. Your house looks so beautiful!!!! I saw a picture somewhere online recently of some stairs with nice (modern) wall-paper on the risers. I thought it looked cool--even though you know how I feel about wall-paper, lol. :)

  2. Okay... what part are you painting? The part you step on or the part you see looking at them. I think a fun bold color would be fun. Maybe a jewel tone. Not sure if that goes with your house or not.

    I Like the frames over the doorway.


  3. How about not painting them, as they are already a good color? What, me not wanting to paint? Maybe I am channeling Bryce. Then again, what do I know? You've seen the color of my powder room.

  4. Do you mean the part that's dark right now? If yes, I say something close to or the same as the blue desk. I really like that color. And I'm not a huge fan of blue.

    Also, if you lived here I would let you see the quilt I made for your baby. But since you insisted on moving far, far away you will have to wait for it to come in the mail. You've done this to yourself...

  5. Selfishly part of me hopes you can post next week because I enjoy reading your blog and will miss it during your maternity leave...

    On the other hand, I know exactly what it feels like to sit around waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for a baby to arrive. My first two were late, and the only reason Adam came on his due date is because my doc induced me the night before. So since I like you I'll have to vote for getting that kid here already.

    As far as paint colors I've got nothing. I'm still hoping HGTV will somehow miraculously swoop in and paint my whole house (inside and out) with really great colors. I've got a feeling I'll have a long wait. I don't think they swoop to A-town all that often.

  6. Love the frames over the doorway.

    Hope the baby comes soon.

    Joe's diss gets turned in tomorrow. Not that it's truly comparable to having a baby, but it's sure going to take a load off for a bit.


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