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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not A Post

I'm posting to tell you that I'm not posting.

I haven't had the baby, please don't ask....

Elizabeth and Adeline are at the coast with cousins, aunts, and grandma.

Meg is enjoying her one-on-one time by wanting my un-divided attention.

My two younger sisters are here visiting for their spring break.

I'm busy nesting by accomplishing a whole bunch of projects that have nothing to do with a new baby whatsoever.

I found two benches to go under the new table in the kitchen.

We still don't have a name picked out. Please don't say something lame like 'well, that baby is not going to come out till he has a name'.....

I just read on my cousin's facebook page who is a couple weeks behind me in pregnancy that they were told the wrong gender of the baby....the she is now a he....yikes.

I got my package that I won from the The DIY Showoff blog.

I am realizing that our yard has a whole bunch of bulbs in a whole bunch of random places.

I found a gift card to Wal-mart that I forgot I had so I bought something completely practical and useful - some orange spray paint.

Bryce knows how to work the blog so if and when this baby comes, you'll all be taken care of, I just haven't committed him to his responsibilities yet.



  1. Hooray for orange spray paint!

    Maybe blogger can come up with a name for you. :)

  2. I'm commenting to tell you that I'm not commenting. I'm binding a baby quilt for an unnamed little boy who will make his grand entrance when he's good and ready. And won't care one bit if he has a name or not. At least not for a few months.

  3. That was very informative even though it's not a post. I'm kind of intrigued by what happened to your cousin-a similar thing happened to me, long story. Hope she's not disappointed.

  4. just so you know that baby will come whether you have a name ready for him or not. Here is what I say...don't stress-have the baby and then figure out what you will name him. Chances are he won't start kindergarten without a name. Hope he comes in a timely manner and with ease.

  5. Adam's name wasn't official until he actually arrived either, and then we went with my fav... I let Doug pick the middle name. (Ooops maybe I shouldn't have posted this where Bryce can read it. Then he might be onto that trick of I just went through really hard labor shouldn't I get to pick the name?) Don't let him read the comments.


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