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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Week in Numbers...

and a possible explanation of my posting absence:

  • 3 - total number of children lucky to be alive

  • 1 - total number of children refusing to come early

  • 1 - total number of husbands I am jealous of because he was out of town, staying in a hotel, eating at Sizzler while I was ordering off of the value menu at Wendy's with three children

  • 0 - total number of projects completed

  • 154 - total number of times Meg hurt herself because she wouldn't listen to my sound advice

  • 1,562,397 - total number of times I wished spring was here

  • 50 - total number of new outfits for baby, rough estimate only

  • 1 - total number of mother-in-laws who came to visit with gifts and a positive attitude, possibly saving her grand children's lives

  • 2 - total number of hours spent by myself during nap time

  • 1 - total number of children who learned how to crawl out of their crib

  • 1 - total number of mothers wishing they didn't have a child who had learned to crawl out of a crib

  • 1 - total number of houses cleaned this week

  • 0 - total number of houses that stay cleaned

  • 4 - total number of ant traps bought and set

  • millions - total number of ants predicted to die by ant traps

  • 0 - total square footage painted in laundry room

  • 1,978 - total number of times I wished my pants would stay up

  • countless - total number of times I wished people would pretend I'm not pregnant, especially when they feel it necessary to touch me or make completely inappropriate comments

  • 76 - total number of times I played Princess Memory with Adeline

  • 652 - total number of times I took Meg to the bathroom, make that 653

  • 6 - total number of times Meg actually went poop

  • 2,352,804 - total number of times I wish I had a maid

  • daily - total number of times I thought Bryce was a genius conning our children into racing to see who can go to sleep and stay asleep the longest

  • 14 - total number of days con has been suggested and worked

  • 2 - total number of parents happy beyond belief with outcome of con

  • 0 - total number of names decided upon for baby boy

  • infinite - total number of blessings, even though it's been one of the longest weeks of my life



  1. i need to pass along the secret for ants in Medford. It took me about a year of cursing ants before I finally found a product that works. It's called home advantage, and you spray it on the ants, as well as the trail that you can find them coming into your house through. Works wonders. I swear!

  2. Katie, I'm glad you are back. I was getting worried that baby actually came early. When are you actually due?

  3. I wish I had a maid. But then I'd have to clean before they came over. How about a toy picker upper and a declutterer with some sweeping thrown in? I want one of those. Oh, and world peace.

  4. Just so you know...I often forget that you are pregnant. Thus the reason I don't touch your belly...distance I guess helps.

    Thanks also for your memory and thoughts of Grandpa...made me happy to remember that. Thanks.

  5. Katie,

    Hello from Colorado!! I enjoy reading your blog. It gives me a few moments to laugh during the day!! I hope you guys are doing well and good luck with the new little one on the way!! Amy H.

  6. Is it bad that I'm a little bit happy someone else had a long, long, long, long, long, cruddy week? (Even blogger's ticking me off right now because it's fighitng me to get my comment posted.)

  7. :0) I love posts I laugh and relate to the whole way through!! Way funny!!


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