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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Laundry Room

I know, pretty creative title. I got the laundry room/mud room/ pantry area all painted. I still have a bit left to do. But, when I went downstairs to grab some things, there was a huge dead rat, and I couldn't bring myself to go down there until Bryce came home to take care of it. I'll put the finishing touches on it....later

I want to eventually build a half wall there and put a bench in front of it for putting on shoes and such. And to keep anyone from plunging to their death, you know, that sort of thing.

Pantry to the left, bathroom straight ahead, and kitchen to the right. Bryce painted the stairs under myy careful observation. They were this really horrible, horrible, justbecauseit'syourfavoritecolordoesn'tmeanyoushouldpaintyourwholehousethatcolor green.

The washer and dryer. I'm going to make a fabric skirt to go around the cement sink to pretty it up.

Built it shelves, that in theory, are great. It turns out they're so short I can't fit a bottle of anything on them.

A cute little closet for the vacuum. The green paint is the same as in the kitchen.

That door goes to the storage room.

That's the door for the backyard.

In other exciting news, we finally hung up the rest of the curtains for this room. We hung up curtains for another room, but it's a disaster, therefore, no pictures.

This is a vintage file cabinet that Bryce picked up, on his own, at a garage sale. It has an old typewriter on top that I picked up for $5 at a garage sale.

We bought this table two days ago. I've been wanting to put one there so when the girls are in the kitchen and want to help, there's a good spot for it. It's a bit wider than is necessary, but it was a great deal. I now want a bench to slide under it for the girls to sit on.

A bit of Meg.

A bit of spring.

Have a good one.



  1. Looks great. So glad you chose not to include a picture of the dead rat.

  2. we need to build you the boxes to under your washer and dryer. I could help you or you could tell bryce to look at and there are plans to build the boxes. I just built me a coffee table from that site. When it's painted I will post pics but the boxes would be so easy and cheap for your washer and dryer. If I am still alive after this week we can talk.

  3. Wow Kate! Everything is really starting to come together! Get those girls painting while they're visiting...I bet you could bribe them with a little ABBA. :)

  4. Your laundry room is really coming along. I'm sure a skirt for the sink will dress it up. I like your new draperies hung up high, good choice. Hugs, Kim


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