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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Bit of a Brag

The girls doing a fashion show, working their wood bead and button necklaces

Tuesday started out as one of those days....

The kind where Adeline had wet the bed...not just wet the bed...but managed to pee on every possible layer of bedding....the bedding that I had just washed in full 24 hours previously.

The kind where Meg had eaten something the night before and was feeling a 'little pukey'. I had cleaned up puke from so many different places...did I mention I have a strong reflux muscle?

The kind where I was on the verge of telling Bryce I was switching jobs with him because I was pretty confident that anything I was dealing with was way harder than breaking the news to someone that they owed thousands of dollars in back taxes....

And it was only 8:30am.

But then I bucked up and decided to parent.

I put together some stations for the girls to do.

They were 15 min. each and we had five of them, each in a different part of the house:


School work with Mom


Computer games


It was awesome.

I know it sounds like a day care type idea....but let's face it, people, I'm getting to that point.

Sometimes instead of doing a station, Meg just helped me with some household chores....

The girls loved it and have been begging to do it again.

It was a proud moment for me.



  1. I love the photos & the idea, it sounds a little like what Tammy and Emily used to do for the neighborhood kids and charged the parents for it, hoping to raise $$ for girls camp.

  2. Adeline seems to look more and more like a little Katie. :)


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