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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


If you knew Spencer, you'd know:

  • He's never peed on me.

  • He has peed over his head, past the edge of the changing table, and into a basket of toys on the floor, but not on me.

  • He has also peed in his eye during bath time. The washcloth is now specifically placed over certain areas.

  • He loves, loves, loves to get his diaper changed.

  • He enjoys a good fist: his fist, your fist, it doesn't matter.

  • He's naked from about 3pm till's hot here people.

  • He sleeps on his belly.

  • He has learned to roll over from his belly to his back, in the middle of the night, and then wakes up crying.

  • He is the best baby to date about eating cereal and liking it right off.

  • He likes Project Runway.

  • He yaks everyday at lunch. We're usually at the school cafeteria taking advantage of the free lunch program. I just tell the lunch ladies that someone spilt some milk.....

  • He is a shameless flirt. He likes the older women.

  • He takes a pacifier.

  • He has a lot of patience.

  • He likes taking baths. So much, that on more than one occasion he's stayed in there so long I had to put new hot water in.

  • He's been sleeping through the night since he was nine weeks...from about 8pm-7am.

  • Sometimes he can go all day with out crying...which is more than I can say about some other people around here.



  1. He must take after me, just a delight to be around. He is so cute.

  2. HA!! I love it and I'm sure Spencer will very much appreciate this post in years to come.... :0)

  3. Glad to see he's so talented at peeing. Both my boys peed on me every time they got a bath for a while despite all my efforts to stop it.

  4. Sounds like a sweetie. I also have a Spencer who was a masterful pee-er and Project Runway fan!

  5. Need more practice with boy babies huh? The peeing thing, no thanks for me. Even though for the past 3 Frei generations it has been girl boy girl done, I told my mother today I want another girl next, period. No new clothes, they can share a room, and how on earth would I ever accessorize a boy? No thank you. But, the problem with that is I have Forrest Samuel all set in stone for the boy, and no clue what I would name another girl, it would have to be something that gets as many compliments as Scarlet's name does. Also, I think Scarlet's hair, might be coming in a little red, like Branon's, this could cause for some serious teasing. Oh boy. But I'm so glad you've been able to handle 4 little ones, kudos, you're my hero, and he sure is cute.


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