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Monday, August 15, 2011

Real Life

The reality is:

  • I have nothing fun or exciting to post today.

  • I could tell you about the sad disappearance of some fresh strawberries that someone left on the counter well out of reach of any regular two year old.

  • I don't have a regular two year old. I have a two year old who is devious enough to realize mom is MIA feeding Spencer and that the only thing that stood between her and some super expensive strawberries that we were saving for yogurt parfaits was....a stool.

  • Meg is a liar.

  • when she was brought into questioning (with strawberry juice smeared on her forehead and dripping down her shirt) she denied the whole criminal act.

  • Spencer has learned to roll over.

  • he only roll overs when he is supposed to be napping and can't go to sleep on his back to save his life...or mine for that matter.

  • we bought a lot of stuff at a plant nursery which was having a huge sale.

  • we came home with 8 blueberry bushes.

  • we could by a persimmon tree if we wanted to.

  • chickens are really funny, and little bit naughty, kind of like some other people around here.

  • Adeline's 'chicken-playing' rights have been revoked till later this week.

  • I finally bound two quilts this last week.

  • one of those quilts I already put on a bed.....two months ago.

  • no matter how early in the day I start laundry or how much I have, it still takes the same amount of time.

  • pee, poop, and throw up can make my life a living %&#@.

  • I will be renting Jane Eyre from Redbox some time this week.



  1. I just realized that if we have one of your girls marry one of my boys one of two things will happen. First, the deviousness would be doubled in the grandchildren they would produce for us thus paying them back for what we've gone through.

    On the other hand, maybe one's deviousness would cancel out the other one's and they would produce angelic grandchildren, which could also be rewarding I suppose, though the stories they'd tell us about the grandchildren might be kind of boring.

    Fortunately, they're still young so we would have years to ponder this plan. We'd also have to be devious if we chose to enact said plan because they'd never go for an arranged marriage so we'd have to trick them into actually falling in love.

  2. Stolen strawberries are so much sweeter.

  3. I as well am pleased with the new background. The other one? Became lame rather quickly. No offense, though I hope you took some. Lol, just kidding.


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