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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Realized....

as I was canning peaches for six hours after the kids had gone to bed and Bryce was out of town on Monday night:

  • I'm a little bit afraid of the dark. The kitchen light went out twice.

  • Old, squeaky floors make me nervous at 12am in the morning.

  • I've watched too many episodes of Law & Order: SVU.

  • I'm an eternal optimist...I thought for sure I would be done canning 85 lbs of peaches by 11pm.

  • I'm took till 2am.

  • I'm lazy. I would rather put freezer jam in a quart jar that is clean then walk down stairs to find a pint and then have to clean it.

  • I'm not a fan of fruit flies.

  • I find my basement a little bit scary.

  • Just because you like a certain type of music, that doesn't mean it's great for canning peaches.

  • Beatles: not peach canning music. Jon Bon Jovi: peach canning music.

  • Ice makers go 'thump' in the night.

  • I can come up with a lot of blog post ideas when I have only peaches to distract me.

  • I can forget about a lot of blog post ideas when I haven't gotten enough sleep.

  • I'm thorough....I did all of the dishes and cleaned up all of the mess before I went to bed.

  • I am not a jar broke in the water bath the first batch and I refused to switch the now all of the jars are sticky.

  • Some honey the one that flew into the kitchen....are completely clueless about the bee curfew.

  • If you plan to sleep in the next morning....your kids will wake up earlier than normal.



  1. So many thoughts just from canning peaches! What will happen with tomatoes, pears, beans, chicken and salsa?

  2. I hear ya! Peaches are a lot of work!


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