The Happyish Homestead

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It has come to my attention, through various means, that some are you are less than satisfied with my sporadic, infrequent blog posts….

And, because I have always been driven by a healthy dose of guilt, I am obliging.

And some of you, in no uncertain terms, have threatened my life.


Spencer walks the ‘property’ with Bryce.


This is Adeline’s spot.  She sits her in the morning to warm up.

Other days, she puts her bunny in the dump truck and drives around the house all harry-karri.

And then feeds her carrots.

Or forgets about her bunny on the couch, or in her room.


This is the best shot I could get of Spencer holding a chicken.

He thinks it’s more fun to catch them than to hold them.

This is our biggest, fattest chicken Lucy.

He’s the best chicken catcher since Adeline.


Some at home face ‘painting’.



Some day indoor swimming will be an Olympic sport, and Meg will sweep it, until then…


couch diving will have to suffice.


Spencer turned two.




And Grandma brought him a ‘tac-tor’.

Which if you ask Spencer, anything large, noisy or otherwise unidentifiable, is a ‘tac-tor’.


First ever at home outdoor Easter egg hunt.




And, of course, some new baby chicks.

Spencer sneaks onto the table, grabs a chick, and puts it on his lap.

Other than that, I’ve been:

listening to Adeline read and Elizabeth play the piano

Meg crying and Spencer talking

sitting on the porch swing reading

planting my garden

waiting for the grass to grow

cleaning the house

fighting the ants

inwardly vomiting as Bryce tells me about another dead rat

washing windows

pruning my trees

watching the flowers grow

receiving dandelion bouquets

dating Bryce

drawing closer to age 30

hosting friends and sisters

finishing projects

thinking about digging a fire pit

and occasionally napping.



  1. Katie-
    Your yard is beautiful! And your children are darling! Keep up the good work! And Happy Birthday tomorrow! :)


  2. Happy Birthday... Can't wait for the party.
    Couch Diving will be an Olympic sport. Glad Meg is practicing now.
    Spence is adorable with his "tac-tor"
    and I'm sure Adeline and Elizabeth are doing great at reading and piano playing.

  3. Hurray!

    You have such cute and creative kids!

    Spencer makes me think of pictures of Jordan at that genetics kicking in I guess!

  4. For your birthday I decided not to threaten you about blogging sporadically. I'm reading blogs sporadically and only had time while I waited on hold this morning.

    Hope you have a great birthday! I'll eat some cereal in your honor...

  5. Love indoor swimming and Spencer holding chicks and chickens...I still can't believe you let the girls get bunnies! Love all of the pictures! Can't wait to see you all again. :) Hope you had a lovely birthday!

  6. Katie, thank you for updating your blog, you are fantastic! May the bunnies leave your broccoli in peace and the wild dog stay forever out of your yard.

  7. Now you get a bonus comment, as I didn't know Annie was signed in :) Spencer is an adorable 2 year old and Meg is an awesome indoor swimmer.


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