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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Blue Chairs



I used oilcloth that I bought on-line.  It’s pretty reasonably priced and there’s a much larger selection than in stores.

I bought a yard of each print and have tons left over.

I have two benches in the kitchen that might get a bit of a makeover as well.


I used oilcloth because these chairs are going to live outside.

Hopefully on the ends of white picnic tables.

With a drink buffet and some homemade beverage dispensers.

I’ll keep you updated on the dispensers.

I’m overly optimistic that it will work out exactly like I have it pictured in my head,

despite the fact that my life is never like that.


They’re pretty darn cheerful, if I do say so myself.


This wall is going to be getting an update as well.

I’m planning on doing a ‘gallery’ with large, empty, wooden frames.


Have a great week.



  1. On rare, rare occasions I think it's a good thing we don't live in the same neighborhood anymore... Like when you make super cute chairs and I know if you lived around the corner I would steal them. I doubt we'd be friends for very long if I started stealing stuff from you.

    Also, reading about oilcloth has me thinking it could solve the nastiness that is my upholstered dining room chairs. Shopping source, pretty please?

  2. LOVE them! Good choices in colors....

  3. They are fabulous! I now have a desire to paint our dining room chairs and bench a similar shade...

  4. Love the color choices. Makes me want an outdoor space (not like I didn't already--but adds to the desire) so that I can have some cute chairs to cover with oilcloth! Methinks that sometime soon a visit is in order to try out those chairs :)


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