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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Great Chicken Coop Move

Once upon a time I was impatient.


I’m still impatient,

but I’m optimistic.

And I wanted baby chicks.


So I got baby chicks.

And we built a coop for them.


In the worst possible location.

Because that was the best spot at the time.

But then I wanted them moved to the back of the property.

From their current location,

right next to the drive way,

a rat’s nest,

by our house

and next to the neighbor’s back yard.

So, I bartered some brownies for a back hoe.

The guy working on the house next door has one.

He kindly dragged the coops across the property.

With the chickens still inside.










Impatient people tend to be great problem solvers.

That’s what I tell myself at the end of the day, anyway.



  1. I was just thinking this morning after I put my yard tools away with my swollen arms and hands that I am just impatient. I want my yard to look perfect right now and not in five years like it will probably take. It's really annoying and frustrating and it is all because i'm impatient. But then I consoled myself by saying impatient people also get things done. It's a quality that has it's pros.

    Even though we had a lot of quality time together on Tuesday I still wish we were hanging out today. Adeline called 911. That is a story I can't wait to hear.

  2. Ha ha ha....I'm still laughing! Hooray for brownies!

  3. You must make some awesome brownies! That is hilarious! And brilliant!


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