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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So I have bees.

In my yard.

That I put there myself.

After I went and helped with a swarm yesterday morning.

And by help I mean I wore my hat backwards and got in the way.

But I went and picked up the hive last night.

In a dark suburb.

Where death by bees seemed imminent.

And this morning,

with the help of Adeline and Meg

I smoked them

fed them

talked to them

and thought

This is when I feel like I have something to offer my children.

Where Elizabeth is late for school because we’re sitting around the breakfast table talking about the fascinating world of bees and she can’t bare to leave.

And Adeline and Meg are feet away from a hive of bees wanting to come closer and see the queen.

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing the right thing.



  1. So excited for your bees! how fun! And at least maybe they'll learn to be cautious after their first sting (and hopefully won't have an allergy)

  2. I hope you knew that you were doing something right before the bees...because I did even you didn't. You are an amazing mother! (it never hurts to have that reaffirmed, however) Have I mentioned Jotham wants bees... which is good because if he wants them then I don't have too. If ever you visit, you could bring some honey... just saying...

  3. That is the coolest thing since my son dropped my camera and it didn't break! So cool.

  4. HOORAY! Bees are cool, or so I've been told by someone cool enough to have them in her backyard.

    Your ability to get stuff done never ceases to amaze - you want bees, you get bees. You want to can peaches, you get practically free peaches and can dozens of quarts. I think you see my point.

  5. Wahoooo!!!! You are really living my dream. Someday.....someday.


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