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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good Ol’ Bunnies

Once upon a time there was an awesome mom.

{I’ll spare you the agony of trying to guess who it is and tell you right now, it’s me.}

And her girls wanted bunnies.

So, she told them they could take care of the chickens, sell the eggs, and save the money to buy the bunnies.

And they did.

And we brought home Sydney and Ashley.

It turns out I don’t really like bunnies….who knew?

One day this awesome mom was out garage selling and she came home to find the children hysterical.

There were dead rats in the bunny hut.


So she went to investigate {although unwillingly, a rat’s still a rat, even if it’s dead}.

Unfortunately around here, that sort of scenario is not implausible,

although still disturbing.

And she looked inside.

And it wasn’t dead rats,

it was dead bunnies.

Which also happen to look a lot like rats.

So this mom, because she is awesome, held the bag while the poor creatures were removed.

She carefully held the hairless bodies of the two babies that were still alive.

She found a towel and made a nest, hoping the mommy bunny would bond with the new babies.

She consoled Adeline who was distraught over the seemingly gender change of her rabbit, from girl to boy.

She helped her girls pray for the new babies.

She prepared her girls for the eventual demise of the two surviving babies.

{She may or may not have been conveniently absent while her husband gave the girls an anatomy lesson….}

And she reiterated the fact that mommy and daddy bunny will be separated until further notice.

And it turns out being awesome isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


P.S. It is not unusual for a rabbit to lose it’s first litter of babies, she’s typically still pretty young herself and hasn’t figured out ‘mothering’ yet.

P.P.S. Bryce was pretty awesome during this whole thing as well.


  1. We had a similar experience with kittens this weekend. Sad. You are amazing. I moved my chicken coop this weekend by myself and a twelve year old on a four wheeler, I thought of you and your plate of brownies often and thought you definitely got the better deal.

  2. I know with rats, you have to take out the daddy rat once the babies are born or he will kill/eat them...yes, I have no *eww* toward rats, they make great pets!

  3. My poor children may never learn proper anatomy because I refuse to buy pets for them... You are an awesome mom!

  4. Your mom was telling us the whole story and we were all dying! How crazy! I guess you got the "anatomy" lesson out of the way for now. See you soon!


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