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Monday, May 20, 2013

Outdoor Dining

I picked this buffet up off the side of the road.

It was warped.

Had a caster missing.

And was a bit….pathetic.

So I rescued it.


When my friend was visiting, we made a new top, with the help of her husband, and pounded in a new wheel.

Then I spruced it up with some vinegar and oil.

And a lot of wood glue and a few nails.


And apparently I neglected to take any decent ‘after’ shots.


I was going to use it as a potting table.

But, I have a total of two flower pots.

Which never make it through the season.

I can’t be good at everything…


So, I’m using it for outdoor dining purposes.


This was the mother’s day dinner.

Homemade donuts.


The sunroom table is standing in until Bryce makes the picnic tables and benches.

Maybe this weekend…?


And my kids.


Happy Monday.



  1. Looks like a fun day. I am glad the buffet turned out. It was very sad when we first saw it, all lonely and dejected in the driveway.

  2. Your yard looks amazing! And your table and chairs. And the donuts. And the buffet table. Can I come visit? : )

  3. How fun! And what a great roadside find! And I love your laundry hanging in the background. And I love that your grass is long and so so green. And there are about a dozen more things I love about these pictures....*sigh* to share the wonderfulness of this post with Jordan or not....Oregon costs so much more than NC, but it's so pretty, and you make it seem so fabulous (and so do the bloggers I follow that live up in Portland)....


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