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Friday, May 10, 2013

Framed Wall


I wanted to do something with this wall.

It’s massive.

I really wanted to stencil it.

But it’s massive.


But it certainly needed something.

But nothing too busy.

So I found all the frames/mirrors I’d been collecting for years.

Or year, more specifically.

Majority of them came from my evicted neighbor’s house.

They were 70s gross.

But solid wood with nice detailing.

Those ones I painted.

I laid them out.


Which was a complete waste of my time.

Looks like hopscotch right?

My kids certainly thought so.

(Is it naptime yet?)

And then I hung them up.


I actually think I need some more.


This was an easy project because one of the benefits of our house is it is built with solid wood.

No 2x4s to hunt down.

I can pretty much put anything up where I want to.

Now it sounds like I’m bragging.

If it makes you feel better it’s supposed to be 90 degrees today.

Nine-ty degrees, people.

It’s the first part of May.

I’m 20 weeks pregnant.

Meg didn’t nap yesterday.

Feel better?

Have a good weekend.



  1. lovely, seriously love it! I'll vote for a few more frames too. What color is your wall? I've been looking at similar hues for my living room. Is it gray or blue or blue/gray? Please, please, pretty please share! I need brand and color name. You have my email right?

  2. "Katie's house is awesome" - Mike

    This coming from a man who mocked me to scorn for trying something similar in our last house... Maybe I should send him packing your way!

  3. That wall makes me miss my wall of frames that I once had when I had this thing called a house with walls that were mine. It was a beautiful wall, with beautiful empty frmaes (and one frame with a really great vinyl quote about chosing your attitude) -- I have a bad attitude without that quote. Also, I have non-atractive walls. I may not be able to come visit you now. Because I am jealous. But really, it is a great wall! :)


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