The Happyish Homestead

Monday, June 10, 2013

Here at the Homestead….

  • I am dying of heat.  Like, literally melting to death.  I scraped myself off the floor to write this post.
  • school is out for the summer tomorrow.
  • the girls are practically living in the dinky kid pool that I bought them.
  • they all insist on wearing their goggles in the 30 in. depth.
  • Meg turns four tomorrow.
  • I bought more bees a little over a week ago so I have two hives going.
  • My neighbor saw me in my bee suit.
  • I was completely embarrassed.  And really sweaty.
  • I spotted an owl in our trees last night.  I felt an oneness with her in our efforts to eradicate rats from the yard.  Solidarity, my friend.


The kids planting seeds.  In the rain, wearing boots, happily, all by themselves.


Spencer ‘reading’ books on the sunroom day bed.


Our first harvest of cherries.  Ever.  I’m thinking about four pounds total for the year from that one tree.  (The other’s tree attempt was almost pitiful.)


Adeline on her way to first grade.

Trying to beat {to death} the heat,



  1. I'm so sorry. We're about 30 degrees cooler here and it's dreamy to be back. Wish I could send some up to you!

  2. I can't believe you guys are still in school! I hope you don't start until at least after labour day.


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