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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Veiled Pity Party

Road side

Today I’m not going to care.

I’m not going to care:

about my house being a constant mess despite the fact that I constantly pick it up.

that my kids are constantly bickering, fighting, whining, and generally discontent.

about going to bed last night feeling completely defeated and overwhelmed.

about a random acquaintance making constant rude comments about the size of my belly.  Multiple times, in a twenty minute period.

about chickens and slugs taking full advantage of my hard work in the garden.

that I turned some choice pieces of clothing blue that were once white.

that all children were awake at 6:30am this morning, despite the fact that 75% of them went to sleep at 9:30pm, of their own choosing.

about all the people that lied to me and said that boys were easier than girls.

about making healthy, well-rounded meals and just feed the masses cold cereal and mac and cheese.

that based on other people’s blog posts, their lives are way better than mine, they’re children better behaved, their house cleaner, their meals tastier, the sun shinier….

about what other people say or feel when I gripe and complain about a hard day. 

or feel guilty that sometimes I say swear words inside my head when I step in sticky stuff that’s all over my floor when I’ve been gone for a couple of hours…

that at this very minute I hate summer.



  1. Katie, I barely know you but every time I see that you have blogged when I check Shauna's blog and find out she hasn't blogged, I am excited. You crack me up.

  2. You got to be quick, you got to be quick with me! I'm from Erie PA!
    Guys...Chad fell down...
    Introducing the O-Need-Ers! That's the Wonders...
    The in I wonder what happened to the O-Need-ers...
    We were pretty crazy up in Erie, Penn. This one time, we stayed up way past midnight...
    I've got a pig in the livestock pavillion and I am going to win that blue ribbon!
    Where was I? Oh yeah, playing songs on my guitar.
    Do you know what these are? Presidential flashcards...
    Hope you have a better day, Katie Jo!

  3. And just out of Random-ness what does that great picture of Grandma have to do with anything!? I love your blog, for when you blog about unpleasantness, I feel your pain in that moment but smile inspite of myself. You're wonderful!

  4. Remember how I told you that I was tired of making lunch already, I am right there with dinner too. I'd totally go with cereal, if I wasn't tired of sweeping it up. Btw, I have mopped my kitchen 3x and its still sticky! what gives??

  5. Based on my recent blog posts my children are invisible or vegetables or have finally run off with the circus (or gypsies?). Or maybe all that stuff that happens to you happens at my house too but I'm just a slacker and don't write about it... Or if I did write about it, it would be boring since I don't have you talents! Which is better to be a slacker or lack talent??? Hmmm...

  6. The fact is- you tell it like it is. And we love you because of it.

  7. I recommend locking yourself in the car (cause it's semi sound proof) with a chocolate cupcake. My mom used to take a book. I think she was brilliant. Lean the seat back as far as it will go and the little ones won't be able to see you're there at all. We used to wander all over trying to find mom before going back inside to entertain ourselves....


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