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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Odds and Ends

I made this quilt top before Christmas last year.

Which doesn’t seem that long ago if you still think it is February,

which I do most days.

I wanted to use up some scraps and wanted to implement some ric-rac.

Everything is better with ric-rac.


I finished up this quilt top last week.

I tried to send these quilts home with my mom so she could quilt them for me.



And I’m really proud of the raspberries this year. 

Some of the stalks are seven feet high.

I measured them.

They’re ever-bearing so we’ll get two harvests, if we can keep this children at bay.


Hope you’re having a good week, and if anyone would like to swap a child for the summer, I’m ready and willing.



  1. Bring them in July,I will see what i can do. I might have to keep one in payment though.

  2. One day I'm going to own a big quilting machine and one day, I'd be happy to help you out, but for now I'll just admire your work from afar. so pretty.

  3. Wow! I love them! I need to learn to quilt...I highly recommend sending children to live with relatives for the summer. I gave away my eldest, and it's great! Sure there's no one (but a very sleepy me) to feed the 4 year old at 6:30 when she wants breakfast, but I keep hoping that she'll figure out how to climb on the counters and get the stuff herself....And the fact that they seem to whine a bit more and that my almost 2 year old freaks out that everyone going into a different room is going to disappear forever like her big sister did, eh, well, hopefully just another month of that.....till then, one less child to keep track of and feed is really kinda nice...


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