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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Handlin’ My Stuff

After the misery of last week, I decided I needed to get a handle on my stuff and stop whining so much.

So, I’m making the kids do more work.

We picked 60# of cherries at a u-pick orchard in less than an hour.


Then we canned them.


And when I say we, I mean


Then I implemented a behavior gauge.

I think we all know that the ‘call to dad’ is just a formality, seeings how Bryce is the nicer one.

If they move up to ‘practically perfect in every way’, they get two tickets.

I know this is working because there has been more than one incident of tears when the clothespin is moved up or down.

Tears are a sure indicator of how effective a disciplinary tactic is working.

Cruel, but true.


They can earn tickets throughout the day with good behavior, which they save up….


to buy something from the box.


I also told them we’d do a craft a week.

Which is only a good idea in theory.

I don’t know if doing crafts with the kids makes me a better or a worse mom.

Creativity is really, really, really frustrating.


They mod-podged fabric and buttons onto cardboard initials.


They glued sheet music to a piece of wood, put stickers on, painted over it, and then peeled off the stickers.

Adeline cannot discern the difference between a phrase and a word, even after I calmly, very calmly explained it to her…..

for 23 minutes.


The flowers were a craft in Family Fun magazine.  I picked up some wire whisks at the dollar store and garage sales. 

I flattened the wires, and the girls mod-podged wrapping paper on the ‘petals’ then we glued a pom-pom in the middle.


And that’s how this week is going.

Is it any better than last week?

Not really, but it’s not from lack of effort. 

It may or may not be because of pouring down rain for three days straight at the end of June.

Three whole days.

It’s anyone’s guess at this point….


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  1. You are amazing! Some day I hope to be just like you, or very similar at least in the domesticity department. That will require health insurance and lots of prozac though, haha. It's a good thing we don't live in Oregon because I'd be at your house everyday trying to absorb some of the awesomeness.

    There's a townhome in our ward that has a sour cherry tree in the backyard that they appear to be ignoring, only I don't have the balls to go ask if I can harvest their fruit, nor do I really know how to can well enough to do anything with said cherries.

    I love your bunting! It is so bright and cheery and I'm totally going to go through my fabric one of these days to make one, only I don't really know where to put it....

    Super drops of awesome to you for including the kids in the canning, great learning experience for them! And I bet they were thrilled to help. My kiddos love helping when I let them.

    HAPPY DAY! I love your blog!


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