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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Porch Swing Repeat

Bryce made this porch swing last year.
And then the entire family sat on it.
And it broke.
Well, it didn’t exactly break,
but it was demoted from a porch swing to a porch bench.
But now it is back to full swinging capacity and also sporting a new cushion and some pillows.
I recovered the cushion from our old couch and used the old pillows as stuffing for the new ones.
I used indoor/outdoor fabric from Joanns.
It is wonderfully comfortable now.
Why, yes, that is the grass seed that we planted coming up in the back.
Thanks for noticing.
And then there’s these chairs.
I have four of them.
I picked them up last summer for a buck each.
They’re pretty sturdy.  But the veneer is coming off.  Which I was slightly overwhelmed with the prospect of fixing.
But then I decided I’d just take the veneer off.
I’m planning on painting them a light blue and reupholstering them with red and white gingham.
Bryce is making me two picnic tables with benches for my birthday and I want to put these chairs at the end.

And this is what I’ve been spending a lot of mental and physical preparation on.
Getting ready for bees.
These hives are just primed.
I might be getting bees this weekend if everything goes according to plan…..
And I sound like a hippie.
Hope you’re all doing well and surviving the ever changing spring weather.
P.S. One time I posted about a white bunny on the couch.  There has been some confusion about that, it was a real bunny.


  1. Yes, you are a hippy.

    but you are a happy hippy and that makes it okay.

  2. Your porch swing is wonderful! I love the colors! And those chairs you are re-doing? I love light blue and red together and am obsessed with gingham, so when that project gets completed you must post lots of picture so I can swoon over them.

    Good luck with the bees!

  3. jotham will be so jealous, he's been shopping the bee isle at IFA and dreaming, a lot lately. Mark and I are both hyper sensitive to bee stings, so we've been a little leary. You'll have to let us know how it goes! beautiful porch swing too... where do you find all the energy... I'm still sitting on half painted stools. I blame to the weather today.

  4. I want to visit and sit on your swing and see your grass. AND I seriously covet your bees that are to come.

  5. I want to come live with you and do home improvement projects all day long:) Staying home has made me antsy to fix ever broken-down, second-hand thing we own. These things are awesome and you are awesome:)

  6. In case you didn't know, Darwin was been Bee Keeping for about 3 or 4 years. He loves to talk about although I don't really get into it. If you ever have questions, I'm sure he'd love to share his expert advice.

  7. Just FYI... I have no idea what a veneer is on a chair. I have a vague idea what they are on teeth, but that's about it. And once again I reveal my complete and utter ignorance when it comes to fixing up second hand furniture. I know you're shocked... Oddly enough I have worked in the dental field while in college. I shipped out dental educational videos every afternoon. I'm sure you were just dying to know some odd little tidbit about me so there you have it. That was SOOO much easier than actually updating my blog, which as you can see I've been a failure at. Well I'm done rambling. Mary needs help with homework and Doug's at class so that leaves me...


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